Today’s “Guy” Guide is brought to you by my ever-so-stylish friend, Mr. Jeffrey Myers. Jeff is like my gay husband… except that he is quite straight and married to one of my best friends. I think that in our minds we sometimes have secret “style offs”. I’m not sure who is winning… you’ll have to ask our significant others.

Enjoy Jeff’s Picks for The Dude.

Guys… check yo list. Girls… spend yo money.



Because Polaroid Kicks Instagram’s Ass // Channel Your Inner Hemingway // Simple Soles

 At The End Of The Day, It’s What We All Want  // So Fresh And So Clean // Details Details 

 Ivy League Swag. State School Price.  // Practice Safe Bondage // Raw and Uncut

Imma Take Your Grandpa Style // Do It Schooner Style // #LloydChristmasApproved

 Buy A Pair, Give A Pair  // Get Crooked // Buy It. Play It. Love It. Play It Again.