This past Saturday while one of my best friends was away on business… I promised to swoop in and style her first “solo” apartment. It’s kind of a big deal… that first place on your own, no roommate… so I wanted her to come home to something special (and organized… something she despises doing ;)).

Lucky for me, she has some really great art and accessories to play with.

I’ll be doing a proper photo shoot soon and styling more rooms over the next month, so there will be MUCH more to follow… but I wanted to post the Instagram pics I took, since they seemed to get such a positive response.


She needed a coffee table STAT (visitors in town), and the one she wants won’t come for a few weeks… so I hightailed it over to Home Goods for a temporary and affordable solution. I spied this bench… and BINGO… she was mine! I mean, seriously… how fun? The black, white and green tie into the painting at the fireplace (pic below), and when her permanent table arrives, this bench is so versatile it can find a spot anywhere else in the house and be happy. The tray, artichoke and bookends are also from Home Goods. Coffee table book collection… amazeballs. Deciding on a rug…

I should have taken a “before” pic of this fireplace. Let’s just say you couldn’t see it… any of it. It’s a non-working fireplace, which actually makes it fun to style, because you can really do anything you want in front of it. Her pictures were already framed in white… which made me happy because I love how they stand out  against the brown background. It’s all the mantel needed.

Can you tell she’s a book collector? I stacked them to the side of the fireplace (temporarily… I’ve already found some gorgeous thin etageres to flank each end!), in a vintage bucket, and randomly out front.

The graphic green, black and white painting is hers (as in… she’s a talented artist too), and again I love how it stands out against the dark fireplace.

I topped everything off with some flowers and a decorative ball from Target!

We may or may not add to this gallery wall. I’m kinda digging the shape, and the way the brass and black frames, and vintage graphic art pieces + 2 photos are playing together. I think more might be too much mingling… especially when you have two GORGEOUS Slim Aarons photos taking center stage.

After spending the morning shopping and styling this space… I went scouting for furniture for a new client (with a TOTALLY different aesthetic). I’m not going to give away too much at this point, but I thought it would be fun to show off a few finds…

Blush and brass… hello luvah…

Love the pop of red and the rope detail… hmmm… maybe the house is near the beach ;)?

I can’t even tell you how amazing this vintage leather sofa is in person… and how comfortable. And I can’t tell you the price… or my client either…

Giant orange oars…

… because who doesn’t need giant orange oars in their window, or on the ceiling?!?

Vintage rug… a necessity. Love the color combo…

I call this mid-century nautical… do you agree?

Modern but rustic table with some vintage, very masculine chairs. Would need to “pretty” things up a bit with a more feminine tablescape!

I’m a vintage lamp tramp… and if it’s turquoise I’m “all in”.

It’s fuzzy and curvy and I like it. That’s all folks!