It’s official. I’ve let myself go.

I held up through the holidays (well… up until my holiday party on the 21)… and then it all went downhill from there.

I’ve resorted to almost daily sweatpants and fuzzy socks. I seem to be getting larger by the minute, and the “swell” is setting in. Physical changes are happening that I won’t thrill you with, except for the fact that the flatulence is back… cuz flatulence is funny, right?

I’ve worn through my pregnancy clothes, and I’m too far along to start buying anything new… which makes me kinda crazy… or maybe I’m just crazy… crazy cranky!

I think my hubby is as ready for baby girl to arrive as I am!

So what’s an 8 month prego girl to do?

Call in the troops… the big guns… my go-to gals for getting glam (or as close to it as I possibly can right now)! I’ve got a “sprinkle” to get ready for… and then a baby girl to impress… I can’t meet her looking like a mess ;)!


DryBar // Nars // Sun Kissed By Jenni // Michael Kors // Nine Zero One Salon