Thrill Of The Thrift… With A Vintage Splendor

2014-01-11 05.29.59

I LOVE me a hidden gem of a store… and I also love a great collaboration, so when Annette from A Vintage Splendor asked me to share with her my fave secret spot to shop vintage finds for her new series the Thrill of the Thrift… of course I said yes!

If you follow my blog, you’ve seen pieces such as this amazeballs dresser…


… and this elephant in my son’s room…


… and they could only have come from 45 Three Modern Vintage Home of course!

Staci (the owner) has been my secret source for quite some time and supplies celebs and their designers with treasures on a consistent basis. If you haven’t been yet… please stop by… say hi… and leave with a treasure of your own ;).

Thank you Annette for the lovely afternoon and for these gorgeous pics! Check out the rest of the post here to find out EXACTLY what the The Thrill of the Thrift means to me in a short interview about going “on the hunt”!

2014-01-11 05.40.33


2014-01-11 05.38.07


2014-01-11 05.32.20


2014-01-11 05.36.42


2014-01-11 05.38.50


2014-01-11 05.44.20


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2 comments on “Thrill Of The Thrift… With A Vintage Splendor
  1. Staci Cain says:

    Well if this is your favorite store…. Let me just say that you are by far my favorite customer!!! Will not forget the first day you walked into the shop…just finished surfing and fell in love with a chartreuse green velvet bench….! I think for us… it’s been love for one piece after another… lots of fun…lots of “creations”. Thanks so much for the friendship….! You’re the BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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