After discovering I was having a girl… I was TOTALLY curious about where my fashion tastes for her would gravitate. Of course at some point she will be making her own choices… but as of right now I’ve got full fashion power!

Possessing a somewhat edgy, (only moments of girly?) style myself… I wasn’t sure how “girly” I’d get with her. I must say that my attraction to pink has increased, although still in small doses. What seems to be trending, though (on my own Pinterest board), is geometry, pattern, tribal… and of course denim!

This is getting fun y’all ;)…



1. Nellystella  // 2. Old Navy // 3. Etsy // 4. Soft Baby  // 5. Seed Heritage (NLA ) // 6. Gap (sold out but more fun rompers avail) // 7. Antik Batik // 8. Mini Rodini // 9. Etsy