So when my 3.5 year old began to throw some tantrums when he was cranky (and would tell me to “go away”)… I taught him to just tell me “he needed a moment”.

It’s actually kind of hard to keep a straight face when these words come out of his mouth… but it’s a lot nicer to hear than some other things he could be saying…

… and that goes for me too!

This week was a tough one.

I have a teething baby, and said toddler had a major case of the shits for two days straight. Two days stuck inside with a three year old boy who’s sick and bored during the summer, and there’s only SO much Monster Truck this tired mama can take (along with any other kind of craft I could coax him into).

I needed a moment. Bad.

Thank God my mom was here to help and I could swing out for at least 15 minutes. That’s all I needed. That, and a speed read of US Weekly and my fave iced latte.

It’s amazing what even 15 minutes can do.

… as in… it can actually make you a better mom. Seriously.

When I got back Parker asked me where I had been. I told him I needed a moment. He asked me if I felt better and when I said yes, he went back to his monster trucks… and I happily went with him.

What is your “go to” when YOU need a moment?