These two.

I have to say… Fall fashion is FUN!

Not like the “it’s 72 degrees in Los Angeles… hurry and put on a sweater and sweat” kind of fun. This is for real… and I couldn’t be happier!

The weather has bounced around a bit (it has actually reached 70 degrees a few days… see above pic), but when you turn a corner and that wind whips around with you… it FEELS much colder!

Our building has an amazing rooftop (we discovered after a week of being here!)… so I took the kiddos up there to show you what they’ve been wearing!

Yep… she posed like that.

Can’t get enough of those kitty socks and biker boots!

Earlier in the week we were a bit more bundled up…

A la Ewok style…

And I couldn’t resist a little matching kicks 😉 .

Prefresh Hello Ladies T-Shirt: Long sleeve sold out, but short sleeve here.

Boy’s jeans by Hoonana. If your kiddo hates regular jeans and waistbands like my boy does, these pants are PERFECTION!

Girl’s jean leggings by Baby Gap.

Biker boots and kitty socks by Baby Gap.

Top from Hatched Baby (no longer available)… but plenty more gorgeous pieces… check them out!

Boys jean jacket by Gap Kids.

Scarf and Beanie from Eggy.

Leggings from Baby Gap.

Adidas originals baby and me (mine are actually a boy’s 4.5!).