I can’t believe it’s been a year since I was in Palm Springs designing one of the bathrooms in the Christopher Kennedy show house for Modernism Week!

In fact… Traditional Home Magazine has a huge spread in their current issue dedicated to the compound, so make sure you grab a copy and check out what each and every talented designer had to offer!

Christopher took a little break this year (have you ever seen a show house come together? It’s insane!), but there were plenty of other home tours and architectural delights to be seen… and this time I was lucky enough to play “tourist” with Modernism Week sponsor Hunter Douglas (I hope you caught my Instagram story takeover while I was there!).

Saturday I spent time at the Steel & Glass Home Tour, a modern-day classic post and beam modeled after Donald Wexler’s iconic architecture.

This home is all about clean lines with its steel beams, floor to ceiling windows, and concrete floors…

… drawing almost all of your focus from the inside…

… to the outside! Because wouldn’t you want to be taking in this view each and every day?

And by the way… there are shades on these windows (Hunter Douglas of course), that are remote controlled, and go floor to ceiling with this amazing “fan out” feature that gives you both privacy AND the ability to still catch the view above.

We did a full video series Sunday on the “Windows of Palm Springs”, where I demonstrate this feature… so make sure to tune back in, because I’ll be posting it here!

On Sunday’s tour, we also popped into the Moroccan Modern Showcase Home, and if you are looking for DRAMA… this is where you will find it. Originally built in 1975, and restored by Thomboy Properties, this house is colorful, fun, and meant to party (if those doors don’t say, “c’mon in and have a cocktail!”, I don’t know what does!).

Perhaps my favorite home on the tour, the Edris Residence (listed on the National Register of Historic Places), is the quintessential example of Desert Modern Architecture.

E. Stewart Williams used local stone, Douglas Fir, and other materials that literally blend this gem right into the hillside.

Everything is original to the home (except for the current owner’s furniture). I was DYING over the lighting. I mean… look at that sconce above!

We had one more stop on our Sunday stroll (ride) through Palm Springs… but I’m going to be a tease and make you wait until I post the video.

Look at me… working hard, or hardly working?

Before leaving and heading back to LA on Monday, I made sure to make one more house visit, as well as to take some snaps of a few iconic Palm Springs “moments”.

The home above is called The Hidden Frey, and it is LITERALLY hidden from view, set below street level, with an elevated pool and a tennis court as its front “yard”.

It’s not necessarily my style, but I appreciate what’s happening here.

Check out that rolled roof!

I couldn’t leave Palm Springs without taking a photo of “that pink door”… mainly because I’ve left Palm Springs without taking a picture of it each time I’ve visited!

I inquired on my Instagram if these “Insta-famous” travel grams ever get boring, and surprisingly, everyone said that they still love to see them!

So make sure you slide by and snap away!

The Saguaro Palm Springs is also a must-see, because anything this colorful is going to put a smile on your face!

Go ahead and walk inside and check out the pool…

… you might never leave 😉 .

… but if you do… pop into the Moorten Botanical Gardens. Your inner plant-lady will thank you.

… and I want to thank Hunter Douglas.

Each time I visit Palm Springs, I discover something new and wonderful, and many of the experiences this time around would not have been possible without their sponsorship.

I can’t wait for you to see our “Windows of Palm Springs” collaboration (the doors can’t have ALL of the fun, right?).

… and if you haven’t ventured to the desert for Modernism Week… book your tickets for next year!

Hopefully… I’ll see you there!

In the meantime… enjoy this spectacular (and very on-trend) candy-colored sunset.