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Holiday Photo Tips And Tricks… Murphy Deesign And Avia Rosen Photography


When collaborating with Tiny Prints for a giveaway this year, I decided to center my holiday photo shoot around the experience of “home” in honor of their new home decor collection. But to make it unique… I brought my home

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Tiny Prints Holiday Giveaway… And Home Decor Review!


Every year around Halloween… yes, HALLOWEEN… I start to feel the “pull” of the holiday season! Even though the Los Angeles weather doesn’t necessarily cooperate with this attraction (we’re still posting temps in the 80s), I start to prep my

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MIA Monday…


Oh My Goodness Lovelies, I haven’t been this MIA in FOREVER! A whole week of posts missing, and I wasn’t even on vacation! I’ve actually been working my booty off… two photo shoots and DIYs… and when that happens and

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Superhero Swagger… Fall’s Best Capes


Along with every other reason to love Fall… the cape has to be one of my favorites. I wore one all last Fall/Winter while pregnant… and I’ll wear one again this year to cover up my post-holiday meal “bumps”. …

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40 And Fabulous… Again!


Ye Olde Birthday is coming up this weekend… and since I had such a FABULOUS blowout last year (here, here and here), AND I’ve officially decided to stop counting… … this year I’ll be playing it cool and undercover… … or

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Props To The Hubs… And Sophia Bush


It’s Man Crush Monday (MCM)… and I’m crushing on the man that works out the women that men crush on. Make sense? This time… the hubs gives up his fitness philosophy… and what makes Sophia Bush Chicago P.D. ready… to

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Avia Rosen Photography… The Many Faces Of Avery May Murphy


Whenever I schedule a shoot with Avia Rosen, I get the kind of anticipation I feel before Christmas morning… I just can’t WAIT to see what I’m going to get! We had a few newborn shots of Avery… but no

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This And That… And An Insanely Beautiful Bench For Sale!


Hello Lovelies! Blogging has admittedly been on the slow side these past couple of weeks. I’ve had to take care of some Biz-nass… the oh-so-not fun side of it… like finishing taxes and additional bookkeeping. Any other creatives out there have

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Wit & Delight For Target…


It’s always so exciting and inspiring to see fellow bloggers collaborating with stores and brands that celebrate their unique styles and successes. Kate Arends, from Wit & Delight, is the latest such collaboration with Target… following in the fab footsteps

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Tiny Prints… 2014 Holiday Collection (… and giveaway coming soon!)


Yes… it is 99 degrees this weekend in Los Angeles… but that will NOT deter me from thinking about the holidays! … and Fall clothing (here)… and warm lattes… and… … anyone else with me? It might seem early, but

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