Meet Jonathan Waud. He’s his own brand of “eco-warrior” and a designer to boot!

After establishing his construction company, J.W. Designs in 2005, Jonathan grew frustrated with the amount of waste he saw collecting in demo projects and dumps and decided to “reclaim” the trash as treasure.

Driving home one evening with a truck full of demo’d material, mainly wood and metal destined for the dump the following day, he decided to re-purpose the haul and the Reclamation Lighting Series took flight!

Scouting salvage yards and projects he currently works on, Jonathan grabs pieces with patina and history. He subsequently creates fixtures that are one-of-a-kind, with the ultimate goal of lessening the carbon footprint that mass produced products leave behind.

His work can be found in Hedley’s restaurant in West Hollywood, Culture Shop Marketing Studios in Beverly Hills, and in various private homes throughout California, with a few pieces crossing the pond and hanging in London.

Check out a few of these hand-made beauties below… and try and CLAIM one for yourself (while you can!).

J.W. Designs


 Hedley’s Restaurant…




 Time for your close up…





This piece actually uses metal sections from Frank Sinatra’s mansion gate, which are set in reclaimed wood.


A piece of history…


 Rope detail…






“Anyone can have a well-built house (Four walls, richly stained wood floors, counters and cabinets that dreams are made of)… but it’s the signature pieces that make the home!”

Born in the United Kingdom, Jonathan grew up in the New Forest to parents Christopher & Caroline, the third child with brother James and sister Joanna.

Living on England’s south shores definitely served as an inspiration for an artistic upbringing. His passion for art and craft blossomed even further during his studies at King Edward VI School. In 2004, with an International Business & French degree, Jonathan ventured to Nice on the French Riviera to work for Lamborghini.

After a few years he left the business world unsatisfied.  Jonathan decided to scratch the design itch by moving to Los Angeles where he started his high-end construction company J.W Designs in 2005. His sole mission, to “provide uncompromising quality and fair prices”.

At present… with every tool and experience under his (tool)belt, he is able to concentrate on his true calling – creating functional works of art.

“Lighting, in my opinion, has always been the most important aspect of any room. It sets the tone instantly, and therefore requires far more attention than any piece of furniture.”

Jonathan lives with his wife Amanda and 5yr old son Jude in the Hollywood Hills, and works out of his local workshop. Even at five, his son shows much interest in the family business, offering many ideas for new pieces!

 “Who knows” the craftsman says, “possibly a J.W & Son Designs might be on the horizon”.