Thinking long and hard about turning 40… and how I wanted to do it… a few things crossed my mind. I knew I wanted to go kinda BIG (I missed having a 30th blowout)… but HOW big was the question? Big… as in, go local with an extra large invite list? Or big… as in, pick a destination with a handful of peeps and get the hell out of dodge?

I Love LA… but I miss NY to pieces (5 years since my last visit!)… and this mama needs a change in scenery. The catch? Could I expect my girls (and a few guys) to go for it? Pick up, leave work, leave family?

Well they rallied… ALL of them… BIG time! Tickets are booked for October and I can barely contain my excitement!

We’ve got some plans in the works… but if any of you New Yorkers want to share the latest and greatest… let me know!

Also…look for two special style posts leading up to the trip…super cool if I do say so myself ;).

BIG love to NYC, and even BIGGER love to my girls… you’ve already made my day… and we’re still two months away!

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