Oh man… was SO going to get this done earlier today after an amazingly tranquil and meditative morning at the spa where it seems like ideas were just free falling into my brain… but then pregnancy hormones hit and I lost all train of thought and I felt like bursting into tears for no reason at all (as in… my hubby played a Lil Wayne song and I started crying).

So after taking a nap I didn’t really want to take, and a walk to get my energy flow back… I am now back on track! Damn those hormones!

If you’ve been keeping up with this blog… you know that I have a BIG birthday tomorrow… the big 4-0. I don’t know why it’s so big, except for the fact that we’ve made it that way… they’re all kind of big in their own way, right? But I guess when you hit the decade defining numbers… it’s an awesome reason to go BIG with the celebration… and I am ALL about the celebration… so “BIG” it on ;).

I just took a look at last year’s birthday reflections… LOVE them (read for a few chuckles)… and am happy to see that some of my underlying intentions have come to fruition (business, blog and a baby all booming!).

So this year… instead of reflecting on life lessons (I’m honestly too tired to come up with 40 new ones… maybe that will be a New Year’s resolution)… I am going to reflect instead on what I am grateful for at this particular moment.

Tomorrow will be mellow… I’ve got to save my energy for the weekend of the 12th in NYC with my girls (check out my Horoscope from Elle above… how fitting!)…

In the meantime… I will think about this list all day and be grateful for the gifts I’ve already been given :).


This trip to Boston (and all travel, really), is such a gift. But this one in particular, although the hubby is actually working, has been like an extended vacation. You see… Big P works insane hours at home, and the hours here PALE in comparison (with equal to more pay)…. so the real payoff is tons of family time! Hotel living can be a bit tough, but I swear on this trip we (Daddy, Parker and Mommy) have grown and learned together (and more about each other) then any other time we’ve had. What a blessing! I’ll relish this experience together for a long time… and I hope we get more of them while the kiddos are young enough to travel without school being an issue!

That Hot Dude In The Pic

With similar sentiments to the above, more time spent with the hubs has proven to be magical. He’s such an amazing Daddy! Not that I’ve ever questioned that… but getting more time to see him in action makes me all mushy inside, and even more excited for #2. He’s also extremely generous to me and puts up with my penchant for the “pretty” things in life (my girlfriends can attest to this). He’s the bomb. Best compliment ever? Going to an ice cream shop as a family and being told by a college student that our happiness inspires her that “it” can be done. Wow. Of course she doesn’t see the dirty laundry… but that very open and honest reflection on her part made our night and inspired us to keep on “working” on each other.

Friends and Family

Family is a given… and I’ve got a stellar one. I realize this more and more as each birthday passes. Never is it so apparent how important they are until you’ve started a family of your own. It’s what nature intended… a full circle of sorts. A big shout out to my family. I love you!

And to my friends… who are about to fly 3000 miles next weekend to celebrate me… we are not just celebrating me (I mean, how presumptuous could I be ;))… we are celebrating our friendships (which in turn have turned into a family). What better way to do this than to meet somewhere new, have an experience I wouldn’t want to share with anyone else, and to cement our connection in the stars even further. I. Can’t. Wait. I love you too!

This New Nugget

Oh Heyyyyyy! What a blessing this little one is! Starting a family a little later in life… you never know how tough “trying” may be. Although we’ve had a little sadness along the way, we know how incredibly fortunate we’ve been at the same time. So excited to meet Murphy Family Member #4… and to find out the sex next weekend!!!

The Opportunity To Do What I Do

I LOVE to create… and the two worlds of design and blogging have really collided this year to afford me the opportunity to create even more! I’m so thankful for this! It’s a hustle… but it’s worth it. Part of my thanks goes to the people who have taken chances on me, and have befriended me along the way. I can’t wait to do the same for someone else…

Ok… there is obviously so much more for me to be thankful for… but I’ll save it for my book someday (aspirations!)… and I feel the hormones flooding back with all of this thankfulness being thrown about… so before I get too sappy and pool into a pile of (happy) tears… I am signing off for the evening.

See you in NYC next weekend bitches!