A week ago today, our new little nugget surprised us with an early delivery! Scheduled for a C-section this past Thursday (Jan 30) because she was still breech (just like her older bro), we were expecting to just chill out until then and show up for our baby “appointment”… all cool, calm and collected with a blow out to boot.

Awww hell no.

Avery had her own plans and wanted to pick out her own birthday… typical girl ;).

So I woke up early Monday morning and my water broke. I went straight into contractions that were 4-5 minutes apart, and we high-tailed it to the hospital with me death-gripping the car door. Oh… and my doctor was on a plane flying home from back East. AWESOME.

She was still breech when we got to the hospital, so my Doctor’s associate prepped for a C-section.

I was going through some pretty painful contractions, and was like… dude… can I have some drugs to stop this since I’m having surgery anyways? That was a big NO. You can’t have drugs before you get your spinal block for the C, because it isn’t good for the baby and can slow down their breathing.

Ok baby girl. I wouldn’t do this for anyone but you! Ouchy-wawa! SO many props to the ladies who do this all-natural. I BOW DOWN.

9:45am, Avery May is brought into this world at 7lbs 9oz and 21 inches long.

She has really long fingers and toes and her face reminds me of Parker’s so much, it’s like deja vu!

Needless to say, we are SO in love with her, and any fears I had about having a girl have been swept under the rug (for now ;)).

Some things I forgot in the three years since having Parker:

1: It’s really hard to put a diaper on a squirmy little newborn.

2. Hormones, especially while breastfeeding, make me a weepy mess (cue tears during any slow song).

3. I forgot how much a newborn actually sleeps! Yes, they get you up at night for feedings… but during the day, they are sleepy little critters!


Some new things I’ve learned:

1. You ABSOLUTELY have more room in your heart for the same love you felt for your first. It’s pretty incredible, actually.

2. Despite all of the “gimmicky” new “easy” ways to swaddle… the straight up old fashioned swaddle is the best. Avery couldn’t stand anything I tried to put on her except for her Aidan & Anais bamboo muslin swaddle… the same ones I used with Parker.

3. Sibling love is instant (Parker couldn’t be more sweet with A)… but he’s taken some frustrations out on someone else (see below)…

… we’ve finally made it through a rough patch with our first born, but BOY was last week tough (our first real taste of some toddler tantrums). We prepared him plenty, gave him a big brother party, ¬†got him a toy from his baby sister, etc… but he was (and still is a bit) mad at mama.

Mommy gone for three days, and then home and holding another baby sent him into a bit of a tailspin. He’s told me that he doesn’t want me to hold him. He asks me to leave the room… OMG… it’s heartbreaking (cue more hormonal weeping)! I sneak into his room at night to steal kisses and tell him how much I love him. I know it’s a phase… today was actually much better… but it wasn’t something I expected.

What I did expect? For Daddy to be wrapped around baby girl’s finger ;).

I won’t be flooding this blog with an overwhelming amount of baby posts (I’ve got some really fun design pieces coming up y’all!)… but I will check in from time to time to tell you wassup with this family of four and how I’m juggling it all (or when I feel like I’m dropping the ball).

Thanks for all of the love being sent our way… I’m SO SO grateful for my blessings :).