In the three years since having my son, I am amazed at how many new products there are for babies and kids. Three years doesn’t seem so long, but in retail it can be an eternity!

I’ve actually kept my new purchases (as far as gear goes) to a minimum, though, for baby girl, knowing that this will mostly likely be it for us. Parker’s stuff still has some legs on it, and we are going to stretch them as far as possible…

One item that was re-bought (Thank you mom 😉 ), was the Beaba Babycook. I really enjoyed making home made baby food for Parker, and have started again with first foods for Avery. My husband and I love knowing where our ingredients are coming from (and whether or not they are organic and GMO free), and the home made way is the easiest way to make that happen.

Is it possible to make gourmet home made meals for baby every day? Probably. Am I that much of a supermom? Um… no.

Which is why it’s great to have the best possible back up… and I just found it the other day when making my return to the beloved “pouch” section of the baby food aisle.

The clean packaging and catchy names were what caught my eye… but it was the awesome ingredients that sold me. Never one to believe that baby food has to be bland, I jumped for joy to see the Oh Baby brand listing ginger, lavender, mint and basil as a part of the package. Not to mention they organic, GMO free, 100% USA grown, and regionally raised.

THANK YOU Oh Baby for raising the baby food bar. I can’t wait to see what else you bring to the table!