Every year around Halloween… yes, HALLOWEEN… I start to feel the “pull” of the holiday season! Even though the Los Angeles weather doesn’t necessarily cooperate with this attraction (we’re still posting temps in the 80s), I start to prep my home and wardrobe with hints of coziness and festive cheer… because DOGGONIT (did I really just say that?)… it makes me happy!

You know what else makes me happy?

Family photos and holiday cards… especially when there’s a new nugget in the pics (not just in my belly ).

This year I am teaming up with Tiny Prints (my online custom card purveyor of choice)… to get YOU excited about the holidays too… cuz who doesn’t get excited about a $50.00 discount on their custom cards (or home decor items mentioned below)?! 

You heard me! Now just light a pumpkin spice candle under your “you know what”, leave any type of comment below (something joyful or positive preferred, of course 😉 )… and just sit back and wait until Friday to see if you’ve won!

… and check back in tomorrow for some tips and tricks (including the use of your own home decor and keepsakes) I use to put together a unique and successful photo session and holiday card (it’s easier than you think!).

Family photography by the always amazing Avia Rosen Photography.

Friends and family… you are getting a major preview of our card this year!

As mentioned above, Tiny Prints now has a home decor section featuring accessories and accents that can be personalized. The herringbone throw blanket is already my son’s “go to” to cozy up… super soft, and light enough to layer up without causing a sweat!

The look of love?

My fave? The acrylic photo block. It showcases your photos beautifully and gives the eye a rest from any other heavy frames you might have collected together.

One week later and the long hair went bye bye… so happy to have these photos to remember it by!

This pop of color pillow has my hubby’s nap time name written ALL over it… literally!

Don’t mind us… we’re just effortlessly and happily lounging around in our back yard with our favorite home accessories… as we do…

Don’t be left “behind”! Leave a comment below and check back Friday to see if you scored $50.00 towards your next Tiny Prints purchase!

WINNER: Congratulations to Carl… who as the only male writing in to win for his fiancé and his 6 month old baby, pulled at my heartstrings just a bit too hard for me to pass up! I’m sure all of you ladies understand… can we give him a hand?!!!

On another note… thank you to everyone who wrote in and participated. What lovely comments! I have a few more holiday giveaways coming up… so stay tuned! xoxo