When collaborating with Tiny Prints for a giveaway this year, I decided to center my holiday photo shoot around the experience of “home” in honor of their new home decor collection.

But to make it unique… I brought my home elements outdoors to create an easy and meaningful vignette!

This is something anyone can do! All it takes is a little bit of imagination and a few of your favorite personal pieces to be transported to an outdoor spot.

Grab some items that are fun to play with, photograph and hold a bit of significance:

Both of my kids love my hats, so I decided to bring my hat rack outside and load it up with a “poppy” scarf, hand knitted blanket, and of course… a stack of hats.

Trunks and suitcases made the perfect “perch”, and Parker’s grandfather’s binoculars hold a special remembrance for him.

Add unexpected pieces… and don’t forget the flowers!

This vintage elephant from Parker’s room amped up the safari-feel, and flowers ALWAYS bring texture, color and beauty!

Choose a spot with ample shade (check the area at different times during the day), and make sure it has either a rich or vibrant background. Again… add something personal!

This shot didn’t end up making the cut, but it is one of my favorites! The unexpected color of the shed made everything pop so beautifully! And instead of the typical garland I’ve seen going around… I decided to string up Parker’s artwork instead.

Mix textures and colors that blend, but that don’t necessarily translate into something too matchy matchy. 

The zebra rug and Little Market trunks played so well together, and the hot pink wool pom pom rug from Nicky Rising gave me the extra dose of color I needed (and pulled from the pom pom scarf as well).

Clothing selections started with Avery’s romper (see more of Elise Vaughn’s gorgeous handmade work here), and I just worked loosely from there! Parker’s duds are all from Eggy.

The toughest part? Choosing the pics! If you are going for a card with multiple photo frames like I did, remember that the shots zoom in pretty tightly, so the space you are creating should be tighter than you think!

Pick a card that reflects the energy of your shoot, and VOILA… now just sign, seal and deliver!

Thanks again to Avia Rosen for another gorgeous session… and don’t forget to enter here for a $50.00 credit towards your own Tiny Prints purchase!