You guys… I USED to scrapbook… in high school and college. These books sit in the back of a storage closet, weighing close to 10lbs each, with their (cough cough) gorgeous floral and vinyl covers, collecting dust, HOPEFULLY never to be seen again until I’m old enough to think the 80’s and 90’s have made some sort of stylish comeback.

Needless to say… my style has evolved (thank GAWD), and so has social media and the modern day version of “scrapping”.

If Instagram is your JAM (it’s where you’ll find me logging in most of my hours), then Chatbooks is your peanut butter and jelly sandwich… delivered when you’re hankering for some memories the most… in the most simple, stylish and space saving little package possible!

I thought I could keep up with the creation of other online photo book options… but as soon as I popped out kiddo #1, he was already talking by the time I had gathered up and organized even his first year of photos in some semblance of order.

MAJOR time suck (and I don’t have the time).

Chatbooks to the rescue!

Head to the App Store… click a few buttons… and memories are not only made… they are delivered (60 page photo books for $6!!!) in mere moments… in the most aesthetically pleasing white stacks for all you Instagram purists out there.

I bow down to you Chatbook angels…

… for giving me more time to capture mine!

Some things will never change…

And some things do…

I’ve ordered my Chatbooks…

How about you?

If you sign up for the Instagram Series, plug in code murph822 and you get your first Chatbook free!

(This post is not sponsored, but I received a Chatbook to check it out, and I’m seriously in LOVE. I’m very particular about my posts, so you will KNOW if I have sponsored content! I hope you use the code and spread the word… this is a great company with friendly people and a super duper product 🙂 ).