First and foremost, I am a mom (and wife). In every other aspect I am a designer, stylist, glamour girl, traveler… you name it… on a budget!

“Play” money is pretty tight… with funds going to the family, home and business. There is no “jewelry budget”, whatsoever. I have some great pieces that I’ve collected throughout the years, (as we girls do), but I don’t have the means to pop out for some new bling every time I have an event or photo shoot (classic pieces of clothing come first if there is any extra cash available).

That being said… accessories can make the outfit, no?

When Rocksbox approached me to try out their jewelry subscription service, I was skeptical at first (which I tend to be), but with the allure of an unlimited rotating supply of jewelry for the month from the likes of Gorjana, House Of Harlow, Kendra Scott and more (an average of $200.00 worth of jewelry per set delivered), I was more than intrigued… especially with a summer packed full of events and travel!

When my first box arrived, I have to say it felt a little bit like my birthday! The pieces were GORGEOUS, and I headed out to my “lovely dinner” decked out in my new baubles and an extra bit of pep in my step!

Seriously so FUN…

… and how beautiful is that ring?

It was honestly a little tough to let it go, but with the promise of a new set of jewelry once returned, anticipation took over and I happily boxed everything up and sent it back with it’s pre-paid label. (Oh… and a little secret… you can purchase any piece that you end up absolutely falling in love with 😉 .)

I’ve already received my second delivery, with less than a week turnaround, and I’m headed to New Orleans with some brand new sparkles for a wedding.

I’m seriously sold, you guys. This is a fun, affordable way to amp up your outfits, without dropping a wad of cash… and you’ll never tire of your choices.

A monthly subscription runs $19.00 (Seriously? I’ll just skip three lattes!).

If you aren’t ready to skip your daily dose of caffeine, you’re in luck 😉 . I’ve got ONE MONTH FREE of Rocksbox for you with the code murphydeesignxoxo (unlimited jewelry… GAH!)

Give it a go and tell me what you think!

Will you be asked to refer friends? Yes. They want more subscriptions… and they are a business… so you will be given incentives to get your friends to try (I’m an open book here, peeps!)… but if that’s not your thing… just have fun with the service, because it’s a really cool business model!

I’m off to New Orleans on Thursday, and from what I hear, I’ll be sweating as much as I’ll be sparkling… ha! I’ll make sure to post photos… but you can follow along on Instagram for a play by play of my adventures!