When Sara Brenner from Lulu & Georgia asks if you’re interested in styling up their goodies for a Summer Style Guide… you say a resounding YES… and then you race around like a mad-woman scheduling babysitters, clearing away the chaos, and trying to clean yourself up to look like it’s all so easy (more on that later).

These chairs were by FAR my favorite pieces… they are yellow (my favorite color)… and I have an obsession with chairs in general (don’t even ask me to count how many I own). I know they are styled here for a summer shoot… but come Fall… I will be hard pressed to move them from their new signature spot. They just make me SO HAPPY.

Here is a wider shot of the space. The rug we threw in a bit last minute to eat up some of the blank space on the floor. The “asymmetry” of it bugs me a bit, but the colors are amazing, and it happens to play up Parker’s painting in the top row!

This is actually my favorite corner of the living room. I love the artwork, chair, pillow and my brass fish. They complete me.

I change out this space quite often. I normally have a piece of artwork in the center of this frame, but I loved how the tapestry added texture (and the colors worked out perfectly).

I adore books, and ANY type of antler, horn, hooks… you name it! This gorgeous example is from Jonathan Adler.

… I also adore styling a great bar cart (doesn’t every designer/blogger/stylist)? I used the vases from L & G for their gorgeous white pop and photogenic lines. See how this same bar cart was styled for Fall here!

Ready for her close up…

The palm pillow, front and center… you just can’t go wrong with this pillow people!

I think this makes elephant number three in our household. We have a family. I must stop there or I will have a herd… which is absurd.

A nice shot of my hanging planters with succulents. They are literally hanging where my stockings usually go during the holidays. I’d love to tell you that said succulents are still alive… but I cannot tell a lie… I have ANYTHING but a green thumb. Miraculously my fiddle leaf fig is still going strong!

A parting shot… I’m kinda obsessed with this hand-carved bowl!

I want to thank Lulu & Georgia for this amazing opportunity. You can check out their full Summer Style Guide  for an amazing table top spread, beautiful new rug release, and get my five favorite summer moments in Los Angeles!

The number one lesson I learned in this shoot? Take your “head shots” FIRST, before any of the heavy-lifting, moving, styling, etc. (in a home that does not have air-conditioning) if you do not want to look a bit shiny, puffy and bedraggled (insert “see no evil monkey emoji here).

1. Yellow Chair | 2. Moroccan Pouf | 3. Santana Tapestry | 4. Jonathan Adler Horn Sculpture | 5. Art by Kent Youngstrom | 6. Dwell Studio Faceted White Vases | 7. Palm Pillow | 8. Elephante Stool