Oh my goodness you guys… I can’t even begin to tell you the amount of change, work, craziness that has been going on in the past few weeks… and what lies ahead of us. It’s ALL great stuff… but it’s a LOT to handle in a short period of time. Ready for the roller coaster ride (and a very long post)?

Our home of eleven¬†years, a gorgeous duplex that has served us so many great memories (an engagement at the front door, marriage, two babies, and some epic parties in the early days ūüėČ ) was bought out by a developer about six months ago. We researched this company and knew that they would be evicting us at some point and most likely tearing down this 1930’s gem (they are tearing another one down just one block away) to build some grand modern monstrosity (it’s sadly happening all over LA). Well we got the official notice last month… we need to be out by December.

Ok… I can handle that. Unless you throw in a three month temporary¬†stay somewhere special¬†beginning in October. Wait, whaaat? If you have been following along with Murphy Deesign for a while, you’ll know that we’ve made these mini-moves before due to my hubby’s job. The last adventure was to Boston, while I was preggers with Avery!

So basically… type A personality that I am… there is NO possible way that I could take a three month leave of LA,¬†with a move out of our home scheduled for the MOMENT we return hanging over my head.

Cue apartment hunt.

With only a few weeks (and a SKY HIGH Los Angeles rental market) to search for a new home, I had to be very focused. We aren’t quite ready to buy (ditto SKY HIGH real estate market)… and our plan is to keep saving for a few more years until we can afford to purchase what we want, comfortably. With this in mind, we didn’t¬†want to break the bank on our continuing rental situation… which means after living in a rent controlled space… we decided to be okay with a similar square footage¬†(kiddos are small enough to keep sharing a bedroom), and hoped to find that elusive “perfect”¬†apartment.

(Cue yellow fireplace and gorgeous architectural detail.)

My friends know that yellow is my favorite color. So when I walked into this home and saw this fireplace and the amazing windows with light streaming in… I literally had an “angels singing” moment.

With a newly renovated kitchen and bathrooms (tape still on appliances)… and a dishwasher (we hadn’t had a dishwasher in eleven years)… I was ready to sign on the dotted line.

… and so were the owners. UNTIL… through some weird lack of communication, this apartment was swept from under our feet. Le sigh.

But on the up and up… we have now been granted (through the city) until February to remain where we are… which gives us MUCH more time to travel, and to hunt for and make the move into our next home.

Are you still with me?

(Client 13 going on 13)

In the meantime… I’m taking care of BIZNASS… interior designing (my true love)… see above (can’t wait for the big reveal), doing some Instagram takeovers, redesigning this website, working on taxes (my fault… I always procrastinate), trying to get my first freelance article done for Domino.com (WHOO HOO!), AND…

… just…you know… being a full-time mommy to these two cuties.

Parker was supposed to start school Monday, but with the impending adventure… school (at least in LA)… is now happening in January. You moms will get this… I was REALLY looking forward to school starting NOW… especially with the afore-mentioned list of major TO DOs!!! So I have a few more weeks to entertain the BOTH¬†of them… which can be absolutely challenging but amazing at the same time if you know what I mean.

(Before the hangover.)

… AND¬†in these next few weeks, we also have two weddings (one family member and one friend) and a bachelorette party to attend. I may have drank a bit too much wine at my¬†friend’s shower (above) to compensate for the 2am bedtimes and spinning mind that won’t sleep.

Now don’t get me wrong… I am NOT complaining. This is life. This is the hustle. And in a way… I work better when I’m under-the-gun and challenged.

But that Cabo trip that’s coming up (tomorrow)¬†that I was beginning to feel guilty about? I think I might just force myself to enjoy every moment…

… because¬†I’ll be off and running again… in a NY minute ūüėČ .