My son, now five, has had few bouts with eczema since he was born. It usually occurs in the summertime when he’s sweaty and hot, in the elbow and knee creases, and sometimes behind his neck. Wintertime, on the other hand, is usually his “friend”!

So we were a little surprised when Avery, our daughter, developed a very irritating bumpy patch of skin on her chubby little thighs when we arrived in New York. The travel combined with the change in climate made it almost impossible to treat with any lotions I had available, and I was SO close to searching out a Pediatrician in NYC (OR giving Doctor On Demand a try… something Emily Henderson just RAVES about)… when we just happened to be contacted by the peeps over at skinfix!

Now I am SUPER picky about anything sent to me… ESPECIALLY if it is in the health arena, and DOUBLE ESPECIALLY if it involves my kiddos! But I checked out skinfix and I was prepared to give it a shot… mainly because of what it lacked (parabens, phthalates, sulfates, fragrance, steroids, etc.)!

What it does contain are ingredients such as Apricot Kernel, Vitamin E, Colloidal Oatmeal, Shea Butter, Aloe Leaf Juice, and more. And although Avery’s skin proved to be a bit stubborn… it WORKED, and I’m sold. It will now have a well earned space in my medicine cabinet…

… and this little one can go back to her shorts and knee socks (we do live in LA, ya know) without the bother of a bumpy red rash to worry about!

The eczema balm really went to battle with the affected area, but the soothing lotion (pictured above) was gentle for every day, all over use. I will also be trying the hand repair and healing leg and foot balm… because summer in LA is only a few 60 degree days away!!!

(*all words, ideas, and opinions are mine.)