This room is fit for a tween! Or me… or any one of my friends who’d like to move in!

… Except that Britt, my adorable client, might object. AND she inadvertently matched her top to the decor on photo shoot day, so she deserves to stay!

This room was so much fun to design, thanks to Bridget (mom) and Britt, and their enthusiasm for pretty much anything I brought to the table.

There is an interview on Glitter Guide detailing the space, but I am going to fill you in on more of the specifics here.

When I asked Britt to send me a photo of her favorite piece of clothing, she emailed me a picture of a top with three arrows and the words “run wild and free”. It was the arrows that stuck (no pun intended), and I took my inspiration from there (she’s also a Katniss fan), as well as from her love of animals and the great outdoors.

I knew I wanted to paper the “nook” where we would put her bed, so I scoured my favorite Los Angeles wallpaper dealer Walnut Wallpaper to find anything arrow inspired.

Tackapousha, pistachio cake, was the clear winner. The arrow motif was subtle, but the black graphic nature was a standout! It felt strong, but still feminine with its girly swirls. In person, the color was much more minty green than what was online, and I hesitated for a moment, but my gut told me to go for it, and I’m so so happy I did!

My second decision centered around the lighting. We played around with both copper ceiling mounted, and white versions of these Schoolhouse Electric Isaac sconces, but the black popped so incredibly that they became the obvious choice.

From there I made sure to sprinkle in a few more black accents to play off of and mix with the graphic nature of the paper. The pattern of the Serena & Lily gingham sheets was another visually strong, but still feminine choice, as it reminded me of picnics in the park and summertime! I finished with some well placed decorative objects, including vases, books, and pillows that shared in the simple black graphic theme of lines, dashes, etc.

Originally, Britt’s mom was going to pull a vintage yellow iron-framed head and footboard from storage… and it was BEAUTIFUL… but when I came in with an inspiration board featuring this yellow Land Of Nod Jenny Lind bed just to test out the color, the vintage version remained packed away. This bed is just too damn happy to resist!

The rug moment is ALL Britt. I was choosing versions that were much more muted and vintage inspired. Her eye went straight to this Anthropologie beauty and I couldn’t be happier at her choice and the final result. The colors are amazing, cheerful, inspiring, and they work perfectly with the rest of the room. Bravo Britt!

A note about continuity: When choosing objects and materials to work with, you can tie them together in a lovely and subtle way without veering towards the dreaded “matchy matchy”. For example, I loved the natural finished wood Britt’s built in desk was made of, so I made sure to add similar wood tones elsewhere, like in the legs of the desk chair and furry bench, and in some of the styling accessories on the shelves featured below. Brass accents show up on the fox knobs, decorative objects, and even on the sconces, night stands and shelves. Even more subtle? …the black coated wire at the base of the chair that picks up on the black in the wallpaper.

Arrows were a big inspiration as stated above, but I didn’t want to overkill it! I brought in my fave from Urbanic, and found the brass paper weight from West Elm.

Britt had a nice collection of vintage books, but they were buried in her desk shelves. I was very happy to pull them out and give them a space to shine!

Everyone needs a hanging chair. EVERYONE.

Finally… we wanted to bring in a meaningful piece of art to place above the bed. This float plane by Chris Burkard from Pure Photo is a nod to Bridget’s Alaskan roots, and Britt’s love of travel. The pop of yellow sealed the deal.

Thanks again to the Glitter Guide team for the lovely feature, and to Bethany Nauert for the gorgeous photos.

Sources, and how to get the look below!

1. Sconces | 2. Wallpaper | 3. Bed | 4. Nightstands | 5. Float Plane Photo | 6. Throw Pillows | 7. Sheets | 8. Decorative Arrows | 9. Duvet | 10. Cat Dish | 11. Shelves | 12. Rug | 13. Agate Bookends | 14. Bench | 15. Brass Peace Hand | 16. Baskets | 17. Desk Chair | 18. Letters | 19. Desk Accessories | 20. Hanging Chair | 21. Zebra Pot | 22. Black Dash Vase | 23. Fox Knobs | 24. White Vase | 25. Brass Arrows Paper Weight | 26. Terrariums