Last year I saw a GORGEOUS photo from Max Wanger (of course all of his photos are gorgeous) on his Instagram account of a young girl surrounded by flowers. I VOWED to try and recreate something similar for Avery on her first birthday with my amazing family photographer and friend Avia Rosen.

It didn’t happen… and I could kick myself… BUT we made it happen this year, and I am determined to make this a tradition with a new floral design inspiration for each and every year.

On the left… we have Max’s photo, and on the right we have the wallpaper I have been OBSESSING over for a few years now (and WILL install in Avia’s entryway one day!) from Ellie Cashman .

Dark moody florals have been sprouting up… ahem… all over Pinterest… and I hope that they stick around, as I have not tired of them at all!

I found a top that resembles Ellie’s wallpaper from Molo, a super cool kid’s company based in Denmark (of course!), and then it was up to me to fashion the background.

The above pic is actually my favorite, because of the spacing between the flowers and the way Avery’s shirt seems to disappear into the background, which is what I was aiming for… BRAVO Avia!!!

To set the background, I bought a standard black foam board and poked a bunch of holes to push the stems of the flowers through, which I picked up at the downtown LA flower mart.

I knew I needed to secure the flowers somehow because a two year old does not sit still for long, and those flowers would be dispersed within SECONDS if I didn’t.

Such an angel…

Photo by Avia Rosen

Mmmmm hmmm. And is her hair auburn? It seems to change in almost every lighting situation!

What we do know is that she is our little curly top comedian…

… and we couldn’t love her more.

Thank you Avia for the beautiful photography and for your child-wrangling capabilities! Time to start pinning for the next sixteen years (I’m hoping she’ll humor me until she’s at least eighteen)!