If you are cruising around the Splendid.com site, or even driving past some billboards in LA… you might notice a familiar face or two!

This past Spring, Splendid did a search for real LA families and fans, and we were selected to work with the brand on their Spread Softness campaign.

I’ve been such a supporter of Splendid (soft, comfy, California vibe clothing… especially while pregnant!) for so long… that it was such an easy natural fit to work with them…

My hubby took the day off from work, and we basically got to hang out together all day playing, laughing and having fun (it was a tough job, BUT… 😉 )!

The #SpreadSoftness campaign is about celebrating special moments with friends and family, how you might brighten someone’s day, the softest moments in your life (besties, favorite tees, pets!), quotes that inspire kindness, and anything else that might leave you feeling warm and fuzzy inside.

This day was actually quite special to us because we normally don’t get a full day to hang out and NOT EVEN LOOK AT OUR PHONES. Ours is a household where both parents run their own businesses… so it’s really tough to clock out (we definitely do not have a typical 9-5 situation)… and clients can get a hold of us at all hours…

So even though there were cameras around… these moments were real… and focused… and present…

And it didn’t hurt that the crew was super fun too…

See that folks… those are some REAL laughs… like, try to act romantic but get the full on giggle-fits laughs!

So what’s our #SpreadSoftness story?

Take a day… do something unexpected… leave the phone at home… stare into each other’s eyes… and giggle till the tears fall down your face!

Thank you Splendid for such a lovely day and for inviting us to be a part of your team!

You can tag @splendidla on Instagram with #spreadsoftness, and you too can be featured on their site as their “Softie Of The Week” (which gets you a pack of their exclusive soft tees!!!)! C’mon love bugs… show us what you’ve got!

… and if you love what my family and I are wearing above, I’ve rounded up the items for you below (do I even need to say that everything is just SO super soft!?).

1. Little Girl Print Romper | 2. Little Girl Tie Dyed Romper | 3. Little Boy Indigo Stripe Tee | 4. Little Boy Indigo Raglan Tee | 5. Edna Espadrille | 6. Crisp Cotton Shirt Dress | 7. Prescott Belted Vest | 8. Jena Heel | 9. Sequoia Yarn Dye Stripe Tank | 10. Larkspur Printed Pant | 11. Taos Printed Maxi Dress | 12. Cozy Cropped Sweatpant | 13. Men’s Short Sleeve Cotton Crew Tee | 14. Men’s Rugby Stripe Jersey Henley  | 15. Men’s Heathered French Terry Top