School’s out… for summer… and THEN what?!

I swear sometimes I still feel like a “newbie” mom… even with a five and a half year old. Especially when two months before school was officially out, I was already being asked, “so what summer camps are you signed up for?”.

Say what?

The LA summer camp agenda sometimes feels like pre-school scouting all over again. Are you on the list? Are you “in the know”?

I know this much… I want my kiddo to have a gang load of fun, feel safe, be challenged, make friends, and be presented with some cool, creative opportunities. Like school… but with even better field trips!

I feel SO lucky (like struck gold lucky) to have been introduced to Camp Wildfolk at the Club Momme Spring Family Fest this past April.

I felt an instant connection with the girls who were working their little corner of the event, and Parker sat right down and started playing with goo (as boys like to do)…

I could also tell that Cassie, the camp owner and director, was exceptionably knowledgeable… and that she had created a truly unique project based camp… where the children take the lead in making choices, picking activities, and collaborating on games and the direction of their day.

And the “tribe guides” were AMAZING. Parker couldn’t stop talking about them!

It was seriously magical… and I can’t believe this was Camp Wildfolk’s inaugural year!

I’m so proud of Cassie and her crew (read more about her accomplishments here)… that I really want to spread the word and make sure all of YOU have the opportunity to experience the Wildfolk way too!

There is one more full session in August if you are still on the hunt for some summertime fun… and I believe Cassie is working on a winter camp for winter break.

Parker will be there for sure…

Because this face says it all!

Just a note… I am in no way sponsored by Camp Wildfolk… I am just a truly BIG fan because I am a happy happy mom!

Bonus points: These photos were taken by Cassie, and are uploaded to a file sharing site at the end of your child’s session. Aren’t they beautiful?

If you have any questions, let me know… and of course, keep me posted on your own camp experiences and recommendations!