Well hello October, and Fall, and our NEW HOME (don’t worry… you will see many posts coming soon… I am just DYING to show you!).

We have been immersed in our move, and unpacking and the general chaos that all of this brings… which is why the “radio silence” here.

My apologies!

After seven days, I finally feel like we have found our rhythm… I can find MOST of my belongings… and a general sense of ease is returning (although we are still without T.V. and internet service… a WEEK AND A HALF wait time for installation… isn’t that ABSURD???).

So I have hightailed it to the nearest Starbucks to take care of my clients who have been SO patient, work on the blog, and to take a moment for myself… because yesterday I achieved full “melt-down” status (as did both of my kiddos).

Just one week BEFORE our move… we were honored to attend The Honest Company’s Fall celebration with their first official ambassador, Olympian Kerri Walsh Jennings, and we were lucky to have some shade and “relatively” cool weather to welcome in my favorite season!

I’ve been a big fan of The Honest Company for both of my kiddos (the diapers, healing balm, and body wash are our favorites), and now I’m using their cleaning products and detergents (Parker has sensitive skin, so we have to find cleansers with the most gentle ingredients).

We were able to check out new product lines at the event, get crafty, eat, lounge about, and catch up with all of the mommies…

Did I say eat?

There was so much to do for the little ones… it was probably one of the most relaxing events for me (normally I am CHASING them down and trying to occupy them while trying to enjoy the experience)…

Hats off to Honest for amazing activities!

And BIG love to Kerri Walsh Jennings! What an unbelievably sweet and inspiring woman. She played with Parker and Avery for a solid thirty minutes (they couldn’t get enough of her), and she has “almost” convinced me that another baby would be a great idea… Ha!

I also believe that a really big wooden swing is a great idea too… now where can I put it?

Thank you Honest, and everyone involved… we obviously had an amazing time 😉 .