This apartment makeover has been around the block… and I thank my client for allowing me to whore her out (the apartment… obviously).

Originally featured in the LA Times, and then Domino…  this space is a part of a historical complex that still houses Houdini’s dog’s remains. Yes… you read that correctly (only in Hollywood, right?).

When I met Megan, she was in the mood to downsize from a two thousand square foot space into something more cozy… and to completely OVERHAUL her look, which meant getting rid of every single piece of furniture (almost).

I am not going to lie when I say almost everything she owned was beige. EVERYTHING.

This girl was ready for a splash of color and pattern, and I was ready to give it to her!

This before shot does NOT show Megan’s furniture (it was a previous tenant’s), but it demonstrates how we flipped the layout. The dining area (pictured here), became the living room, and vice versa.

Because this is a rental, I wanted to make some impactful changes, but nothing too permanent, so we applied temporary wallpaper and installed plug in sconces.

I mixed quite a few patterns (wallpaper, rug, pillows), but kept them all in the same color palette, so the effect is cohesive.

For aesthetic interest, I played with varying textures… such as the rattan chair, leather sofa, and metal stools…

I’m going to do a whole post about how to mix patterns and textures, because I’ve received quite a few questions about how to accomplish this, so look for the tutorial next week!

I believe the discussion here was, “but where are we going to place the T.V. and how will we disguise it?”.

Domino Magazine: A Colorful Rental Transformation

It is SO well disguised that you can’t even see it!

Just kidding… we removed the T.V. for the shot, but it would normally sit on top of that vintage credenza.

I created the “3-D” gallery wall so that it would blend in with the art, and even though it’s not pictured, I think you get the idea.

The golden horns are a nod to Megan’s texas heritage, and many of the other pieces are sourced from Los Angeles artists.

Previously the living room…

… now the dining room!

Because this space is basically an extension of the living area, I kept the color palette the same with added bits of gold to glam things up!

I also popped in that big, beautiful yellow heart, which at first made Megan VERY nervous… but she has since been converted to the bright side 😉 .

The original Spanish tiles add a touch of masculinity (which every room needs in my opinion).

I know Megan is cringing a bit as I post these before shots, but I just HAVE to do it!

Out with that old animal print chair… and in with something just a TAD more sexy and modern, no?

Big brown dresser be gone!

… and in with a bright white piece and some large scale art!

Deesign Tip: Mix your metals! Megan (and many other clients) ask me if it’s okay to mix silver and gold/brass. The answer is absolutely! In fact, it’s better to mix things up and avoid the overly matchy matchy look that can happen if you buy one type of finish. This vignette would still be pretty if the dresser handles and accents were brass or gold, but not nearly as interesting (there is some metal mixing happening in the living area, if you go back and take a look too)!

Thank you Megan for allowing me to push your color boundaries, and a BIG thank you to Zeke Rueles for the gorgeous photography!

Want to know how to get the look?

I’m hooking you up below…

1. Wall Hanging | 2. Copper Stools | 3. Wall Planter | 4. Mad Love Yellow Heart | 5. Beach Print | 6. Cactus On Pink Print | 7. Bookcase | 8. Elodie Rug | 9. Sconces | 10. Flower Pendant | 11. Abstract Art | 12. Dining Chairs | 13. Glass Beads |14. Dining Table | 15. Yellow & White Pot | 16. Indigo Pillows | 17. Gold Speckled Cowhide Rug | 18. Removable Wallpaper | 19. Geometric Side Table | 20. Sofa | 21. Pink Brushstroke Lamp | 22. Pink Swivel Chair | 23. Dresser | 24. Gold & White Art