I have always been intrigued by meal services (my hubby frequently researches them for his clients), but for some reason I have never jumped on board…

… until NOW.

Finding the right service can be a bit daunting… like “dating”…

… is the food Vegan? Vegetarian? Gluten-Free? Paleo?

Does it take fifteen minutes to prepare or two hours (an important question for a busy mom!)?

When Green Chef approached me… they had me at Hell No GMO’s (and of course, Organic), because that’s what gets MY heart racing.

The other options above? Those are available too… so just “swipe right” when you find your type.

We tried three meals… the Rosemary Chicken, Spiced Honey-Lime Shrimp, and the French Onion Soup.

On a particularly cold LA morning, Avery and I tackled the soup together…

She absolutely LOVED being my sous chef…

Do you see those color coded sheets above? They make everything super simple!

Your ingredients show up in a cooler bag (ALL PACKAGING IS RECYCLABLE)… and each item is placed in a bag with a color coded sticker that matches the cooking instructions (in our case… green, light grey, and dark gray).

I can’t stress enough how easy this was.

… and most meals take thirty-five minutes or less!

That’s thirty-five minutes MINUS the shopping and prepping for the food that you would normally have to do!

There is some prep… but it’s an easy task, like chopping up veggies and fruit.

For the month of December… Green Chef is a lifesaver! I have holiday prep, parties, and decorating, and even my son’s birthday to handle, so if I can have a few meals handled for me… I am one happy mama (and the hubby was beyond impressed).

I think we are going to continue… to give me a little break, to add some new meals to our regular rotation, and to get the kids to try new things!

Green Chef… how about we date a few times each month? We’re a modern family, right?

Can’t wait to see you at our door 😉 .

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(Green Chef sponsored my first box of meals… but all opinions are my own.)