You guys. We did it! And by WE… I mean my team of amazing helpers, sponsors, vendors, parents, babysitters, photographer… EVERYONE! It’s here… the One Room Challenge final reveal… and I couldn’t be more excited to show you!

Let’s go back to the beginning for a refresh, shall we?

This is where we started… a 100 square foot room that was the depository for ALL of the junk, all of the odds and ends, all of the games, art, tchotchkes, etc., that a family of four collects over the years and has no idea where to put it all…

… and after a lot of thought… and experimenting with one twin bed that seemed to take up the entire space (without offering the two sleeping options that I really needed)… I realized that I could take advantage of our nine foot ceilings, grab some square footage from the air, and create floor to ceiling bunk beds for a LEGITIMATE third bedroom!

On Instagram, I teased this shot (because no one has seen these photos of my house), to let everyone know that something special was happening behind that door… which until this point remained PERMANENTLY closed, because of the embarrassment that lurked behind it!

… but since Saturday, November 4th… that door has proudly swung OPEN… because GUUUUUURL… this room is ready to show herself OFF!

See?? I told you so!! This is where the magic is happening! Mimi and Pop Pop (my mom and dad)… you have now ARRIVED (and have your own place to sleep, unless you really enjoyed those nights on the sofa… where the magic doesn’t happen)!

When I imagined this room… because of its diminutive size… I wanted the end result to feel like a combination of an old-fashioned train sleeper car mixed with a piece of vintage luggage. Cozy, historical, (but with modern accents), truly special (like you are on vacation)…

… a room that you don’t want to leave (even though it’s so small)!

Did I do it? I think I did it!!!

Let’s get a little side by side action…

This space was incredibly hard to shoot y’all! I have to give my photographer, Zeke Ruelas, SO MUCH CREDIT.

Photographing a tiny room that is dominated by one large structure is a FEAT. We could only capture a couple of horizontal shots , and the only natural light that comes through… hits one small section in front of the bunk beds.

Because of this… depending on where you are sitting, which way the sun hits, what lights are turned on or off, or what extra light we had to grab to nab “the shot”… the green becomes a REAL chameleon and changes photo to photo (but I actually dig the versatility)!

Now let’s work our way through the room and talk details!

… and start with a video!

How cute are Kevin and Paige??? They were the REAL rock-stars of this operation (along with my handyman/contractor Jim, who I will get to later). If you’ve ever had custom pieces of this size… you know that carpenters aren’t usually asked to complete them within six weeks. Every time I saw them they were sweating (and maybe cursing). Kevin and Paige… the love is REAL. They also did that bookcase up above (see those arches… see what we did there?).

Here’s that front “closet” that Kevin was talking about with the arch we mimicked from the bookcase.

We have a very improved closet (you will see down below)… but that improved closet is mostly for me… because in my 1920’s home my “master” does not give me nearly enough room (see post here).

I wanted to create this adorable spot for guests to grab a bath robe, hang their clothes, deposit items in the baskets and sit down and take their shoes off on that amazingly funky chair that I spotted on my friend and vintage seller Jason’s (American Garage) Instagram stories and bought IMMEDIATELY… because I LOVE me some weirdness in a room, and I knew it would just POP off of that green!!!

The chair also had a lot of height to it which I wanted, so that it could take up more vertical space on that green wall.

I love the green… but I had to find “moments” to break it up too!

We added two big drawers to the bottom of the bunks, because STORAGE STORAGE STORAGE!

I’ve already filled them with games… which are now available for guests to take out and use.

The handles are by Emtek, one of our lovely sponsors. They are deliberately sleek and architectural, as I wanted some modern choices to coexist with the more dominant vintage aesthetic…

… which brings me to THIS LADDER and THESE STEPS.

I knew I wanted Anna from Bananas & Hammocks on this job, ever since I worked with her on a client project.

I also knew I wanted a modern take on the railings that I pulled for inspiration.

She sent me the drawings… and NAILED IT.

That perforated brass literally made me GASP.

THIS might be where the “magic” happens. Anna… we are going to need those reinforcements. (sorry mom).

Also… I originally planned on painting the wood green, but when the ladder arrived… I loved the contrast, brightness, and contemporary feel that the natural wood provided… so I left it alone!

Continuing on that “cheeky” note… I posted about it in Week 3… but I had to show you AGAIN how cute these mattresses from Custom Comfort Mattresses are!

Take the sheets off the bed, and your room still looks CHIC!

“Do you mean sleep over?”. “Well okay… but I get to be on top!” (Name that movie!)

Now a view from the inside!

I haven’t officially taken a nap in here yet… but this weekend I might just try and find an opportunity, because it is so incredibly cozy once you crawl into this nook!

Kevin and Paige did an amazing job on these shelves, so I could fill them with books, little dishes, and water carafes and cups for nighttime sips!

One of my favorite details from inside the bed is the Hudson Valley Lighting sconce. It was actually modeled after leather wrapped vintage luggage (remember that initial vintage luggage reference?). I was teetering back and forth between this sconce and something more “classic”, but this just felt right… and anyone that sees it in the room just LOVES it. Turned on, it illuminates that Metrie paneling and just feels magical!

Another favorite detail… this vintage rug, cut into two pieces to use as “headboards”. Many thanks to Lara Minassian from House of Seance for “getting it”, and for her generous sponsorship. I absolutely love finding hidden gems within my city and community. Bonus points when they are an absolute joy to work with!

Anna and I had discussed grommets to go into the rugs, for the rings to circle through… but she came back with clips (which was my original thought when I came up with the idea). I’m happy with this result, because we can take these rugs off to be cleaned, switch them out, etc.!

Finally… (are you still with me?)… let’s discuss this gem from California Closets and let me show you why I am smiling!!!!

Here we are before!

… and here we are after!!!

See… you don’t need a big ‘ol honkin walk-in to make you happy! You can have a sweet little jewel box of a closet to make you grin from ear to ear!

The finish of the drawers (Corsican Weave) and the leather wrapped countertop were exactly the textures I was looking for to fit the style of this room, and my designer, Nicole Caswell, was a superstar… squeezing every last inch of space from what was available to her.

She also suggested taking the Milton & King wallpaper used on the ceiling, and making an accent “backsplash” (genius).

The mirror, from Rejuvenation, which hangs on a grommet (you can’t see it here… GAH… but check it out here)… is SO pretty, and SO easy to hang (per my handyman), that I will definitely be using it in future projects!

For the drawer knobs, I went classic 1920’s crystal from Emtek, for yet another layered texture and some added reflection!

I am actually going to leave the drawers empty for guests… so they have more spots to store clothing, and of course they will have access to the “vanity”…

… but the surrounding shelves and racks are for my dresses and accessories that I couldn’t fit in my own closet (as discussed earlier).

What was so fun about this closet… is that of course we know how it is customizable, but I didn’t really know HOW customizable you could make it. Wallpaper, hardware… you name it… make it YOURS!

Ok… 4  more things!

1. How moody and fun is this painting I picked up from Pop Up Home? I always love some “tone on tone” action.

I already had the brass outlet cover and push button light switch installed (I have them throughout the house, and they were controversial, but I love them!).

2. You’ve seen slivers of this mirror from Chairish in other photos, but here is a bigger shot (from the top bunk)!

3. I want to circle back to this photo because it really showcases the crown moulding from Metrie that wraps around the bunks and the room, the wallpaper from Milton & King, and this amazing light from Circa Lighting (another modern touch I was looking for).

4. Reiterating what I said at the beginning of this post… I could NOT have done this six-week challenge without my incredible team. I mentioned Kevin & Paige and Anna (bunks and railing), and Zeke (photography) but I also need to shout out Jim (my Jack-of-all-trades), who literally spent the last month at my house, touching up, hanging lighting and mirrors, moving attic accesses, ripping out moulding, adding hardware, and painting the entire room and these bunk beds GREEN (I don’t think he ever wants to see the color green again)… as well as taking care of my clients. He is one of those people that I hope will never retire on me. Jim… please don’t ever retire!

I also want to thank my team member Stephanie, who was literally hired right before this storm of activity and was able to handle so many of the logistics so I could keep up with my day to day business!

And finally… to Linda, and to the sponsors of the One Room Challenge, you have been an absolute JOY to work with!!!

This room was FUN… and I hope it inspires you to go BIG, and bold, and colorful in your designs… especially in a small space! I love a good, clean aesthetic (which has been trending in California for some time now)… but I feel like we need to bring some impact back, mmmmkay?

All of my items are linked below… as well as links to the other fabulous featured designers…

… and here are are my previous weeks if you haven’t checked them out: Week 1, Week 2, Week 3, Week 4, Week 5.

Now I’m going to take this computer, and a glass of wine, and retreat into my new little hideaway so I can see what every one else has accomplished…

… who’s coming with me?

Seaworthy Woodwork: Bunkbed construction and moulding installation.

Bananas & Hammocks: Bunkbed railings, ladder, “closet” pole, and “headboard” railings.

Zeke Ruelas: Photography

California Closets  Sponsor: Custom build with Corsican Weave/Tesoro Shelving, Birch plywood drawer boxes, Cordova Mink Countertop, Gold Rods.

Fine Paints of Europe Sponsor: Custom Color, Garden Grove Green

Milton & King Official Sponsor of the ORC: Ornithology wallpaper

Hudson Valley Lighting Official Sponsor of the ORCColchester Sconces (Inside of Bunk Beds)

Metrie Official Sponsor of the ORC: 3 1/4″ MDF Crown, and 3 5/16″ MDF T&G Paneling

Emtek Official Sponsor of the ORC: Cabinet Edge Pulls in satin brass (Bunk bed drawers) and Hampton Knobs (California Closets drawers) in French Antique Finish

Custom Comfort Mattress Sponsor: Inspire 2.1 tufted Mattresses with rosettes, custom fabric, and custom embroidery.

House Of Seance Sponsor: Vintage Rug (cut into two pieces) for the headboards.

Otis Textiles Sponsor: Arctic Grass Fabric for custom mattress upholstery.

Rejuvenation Sponsor: Oval Frameless Grommet Mirror

Brian Gluckstein Sponsor: Book for bookshelf.

Park Studio Sponsor: Menlo pendant (inside of closet).

Circa Lighting Sponsor: Halcyon Small Pendant

Chairish Sponsor: Vintage Mirror

Pop Up Home: Vintage “Mysterious Woman” painting, and vintage leather portfolio briefcase.

Schoolhouse: Sheets, Duvet Cover, and Coverlet

American Garage: Vintage Chair

LA Commune General: Vintage candlesticks

Lawson Fenning: Ceramic Vases, Ceramic Carafe and Cup, Ceramic Jar, Ceramic Cube, gold dishes

The Container Store: Baskets

DecorView: Curtains

Bed Bath & Beyond: Jute Runner & Gold Hangars

Wildflora: Bouquet and Plant

Gilchrist & Soames: Robes

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