There is nothing I love more than a REALLY great kitchen before and after, and boy do I have one for you!

When my friend Brittany asked me to come in and overhaul her warehouse for her new company, The Spin Off, I couldn’t be more excited!

Aiming to change the game in children’s fashion by offering pre-loved, eco-conscious clothing at an affordable price with a charitable goal (a very large portion of consignment costs are donated to charity partners), The Spin Off project was one I could definitely get my head into AND my heart behind!

Built in the 1920’s, the warehouse (formerly a hardware store), held original charm in the windows, concrete floors and high ceilings… but the kitchen (pictured above), was a cramped nightmare!

The first thing we did was to remove the side wall (and everything else), to completely open up the space.

Aesthetically, it was very important to me to mirror The Spin Off brand, and to give the kitchen a playful, cozy vibe, with both a vintage and modern feel. The lounge (to be photographed soon) really digs into this as well.

Here is the inspiration I took from the branding deck…

… and another view of the kitchen!

Perhaps more than anything, the warmth of this space was achieved through the Semihandmade doors for Ikea cabinets.

We chose the Impression Tahoe fronts, and paired them with the Lewis Dolin round bar series of pulls… achieving the “rustic married to refined” combination we were searching for.

The playful component of the space was executed through color and shape in the Fireclay Tile Ogee Drop in Peacock (the peacock blue sourced from the logo).

Finally, we rounded out the “materials” with Cambria Ironsbridge for the countertops and Portola paint on the island face.

Building out the space was seamless. We used a contractor who had previously installed Ikea boxes with Semihandmade fronts and the process took only a few days to complete.

I couldn’t be happier with the result. Each material resonates so perfectly with the other.

We made sure to add a set of cabinets to the laundry area to give Brittany and her staff a place to store essentials for washing all of those adorable donated baby clothes.

Additionally, we custom built an island with Cliff Mitchell for employees to grab a snack and a seat, to provide extra work space, and to host future sip-and-sees (that’s the boss-mom Brittany)!

Let’s look at that before and after side by side, shall we?

I want to give a shout out to Venn Studio for the spatial planning and the renderings to help my design come to life, Sara Tramp-Ligorria for the gorgeous photos, and to my contractor Jim who swung in like superman at the the last minute to help get the space ready for this photoshoot!

And of course I’d like to thank Semihandmade for partnering with us on the gorgeous project!

Available products are listed below.

Now go visit The Spin Off, and shop for your kiddos AND save the planet at the same time!


Cabinet Fronts: Semihandmade

Cabinet Pulls: Semihandmade

Backsplash Tile: Fireclay Tile

Counter Surface: Cambria

Pendants: Lekker Home

Counter Stools: CB2

Wall Shelf: Pottery Barn

Plates and Bowls: CB2

Art: Nickey Kehoe

Wooden Bowl: Nickey Kehoe