It’s taken four years and a couple of re-designs, but my bedroom has finally “found itself”. It could also be my own design evolution at work.

As projects accumulate, my ideas and rooms become more refined and focused.

I had thought about Primary Bedroom 2.5  for a over a year (I like to take my time making big decisions 😉 ).

It began with swapping out a massive armoire for this antique commode with a marble top. The other piece took up WAY too much space and became an open pit for piled up clothes.

It was also a piece that lived in our last home, and never quite made the aesthetic transition that I wanted it to.

Here are the two versions side by side.

The new dresser also allowed room for a mirror, which I had been craving. I waited and searched for this beauty for a very long time. I really wanted something unique, so I had to be patient!

Nickey Kehoe delivered with this French carved tin appliqué on wood with cut glass corners. The mirror is perfectly imperfect with wear and tear in all of the right places.

I cannot speak enough about holding out for big, specific purchases… it will be worth it.

Set alerts and sign up for emails from your favorite vendors, and I promise you that your dream piece will appear!

The next piece of the puzzle was to switch out the roman shades with full length curtains.

We had so much light leak with the shades, that I woke up every time our motion sensor security camera flashed at night, and as soon as the sun poked through in the morning.

I also wanted more of that hotel room vibe, and scoured fabric samples for MONTHS for a floral. This decision is probably what held me up the most, because once a curtain fabric is ordered there is NO going back!

The beautiful painting of the CA coast? It is from one of my favorite local artists, Allison Lowe.

It is a whole MOOD (and I love it).

The side tables are from Nickey Kehoe.

I envisioned something textural and half-moon in shape, but I didn’t want it to interfere with the bed.

I decided to go tone on tone with the wall, so the nightstand would disappear a bit, but with a closer look… WOW.

Now let’s talk about this bed (because you LOVE to inquire about it on Instagram).

It’s from Lind + Almond, and is modern, but feels vintage, and very European. This is a keepsake piece and could work in almost any aesthetic.

I just love the way it pops off of the Off Black Farrow & Ball paint.

It actually kicked off my inspiration board the moment I saw it, and I built everything else around it because it’s a showstopper.

Similar to the vintage mirror, I played the waiting game with the rug.

I sat, and scrolled, and was ready to pounce when I saw the right shades of greens, browns and hopefully rusts magically appear before my eyes.

Broomhill Antique Rugs came through in the clutch, and I never second-guessed the purchase even though it was coming from London, and I would risk having to send it back. When you know, ya KNOW.

Probably my favorite corner of the room…

… and some knicks-and-knacks that my hubby tries to knock over every evening.

Here is a trip down memory lane where you can see how differently the space has been styled.

What’s your favorite?

Thank you Zeke Ruelas for the beautiful photos!