I started following Justina Blakeney on Instagram earlier this year after seeing her pics through someone else’s feed. Her “eye” caught my eye immediately. Gorgeous snapshots with stories to tell… just the kind of treasure you hope to find on this type of platform… something to both admire and inspire…

I just can’t get enough of her recent series, #facethefoliage. Have you seen these beautiful and sometimes silly facial creations made from leaves, flowers, seeds and such?

Here are a few of my faves. I’m going to attempt this project with my son this week, and see if I can produce something with as much wit and wonder, but if not… I’m sure I’ll at least have fun trying (and so will he)!

Move over peonies… I’ve got something more fresh to follow 😉 .

Oh Joy.

The Makeup Artist.

Ms. Legalize It.

“Not sure why in the only one in my family with freckles” Ms. Contemplative.


The quiet couple.