Whenever I visit a new city, I try to visit local artisans I’ve heard about, or who’ve caught my eye through press or social media.

I’d seen Preston & Olivia hats make some rounds through Instagram, and I was immediately smitten (I have a THING for hats!). I could just sense how special these  pieces were, and I just had to get to know them… and their creator… on a personal level!

I hopped on a subway and headed uptown to the Preston & Olivia studio, which sits very chicly in the center of the fashion district.

Dara runs a classic millinery that draws inspiration from her childhood roots in Louisiana and memories of her grandmother, and marries that to the modernity of her life in Manhattan, with styles that remain both classic, but also manage to exude an edgy, city, cool-girl vibe .


The colors, shapes, and fit of these chapeaus are so beautiful, I just knew I had to walk away with one firmly planted on my head (although I wish I could have bought them all)!

And although it was still winter in NYC… I couldn’t resist bringing home this sherbet number… straight back to sunny California!

Thank you Dara for such a lovely visit… I can’t wait to add to my collection!

Here’s what I have my eye on for summer!

Which one would you choose?