Hi Luvs! Happy New Year! Can you hear that big inhale/exhale? That’s the break I took over the holidays! It was lovely and mellow, and deliberately void of posting and working.

I’m ready y’all. I’ve set my goals for 2015 and I feel calm, collected, and more sure of myself than ever before…

… but before I get to what’s ahead… let’s take a short trip down memory lane and revisit a few of my favorite posts from 2014, shall we?

This was posted literally DAYS before I gave birth to Avery. What I love? The store, my friend Staci, my friend Annette who started this really fun set of interviews… and the fact that being pregnant made me look 10 years younger! Seriously! That hair! That skin! They need to bottle that Sh**!!!

Thrill Of The Thrift… With A Vintage Splendor

Not long after Avery was born, I posted this story with Home On The Runway. It’s the first time my home was photographed (working on the second right now), and it turned out so lovely.

Home On The Runway… In The Spotlight

The birth of my daughter, of course, eclipsed ANY other activities this year. She is the bomb.com. I am OBSESSED. This post, with my boo Avia Rosen, was BEYOND fun, and the pic above became my most “liked” pic on Instagram… EVER.

Avia Rosen Photography… The Many Faces Of Avery May

I was given the opportunity to create a window for the La Cienega Design Quarter, Legends Of La Cienega Event, which was honestly one of the biggest honors I could have received, and in a short period of time… I was able to create something I was extremely proud of.

La Cienega Design Quarter’s 6th Annual Legends Of La Cienega… Part 1: My Wrap Up

One of the more personal posts from this past year… this piece reminds me of my strength. I had a tough few months, but I was still able to accomplish so much more than I thought I could. At the same time… I am reminded to keep things simple, and the work will speak for itself.

Thoughts On A Resolution… Simplify

One of my FAVE online design publications asked ME to be a contributor. Thank you Mat Sanders and the team at Domaine!

Domaine Home… 6 Smart Ways To Let Your Child Personalize Their Space

I made a wreath with one of my floral idols, Yasmine Mei. The wreath was great, but I think my photos were the best I’ve ever taken.

Wreath Making… With Yasmine Mei

Finally… My true love is STYLING… and for some reason, this holiday bar cart styling just hits home for me. Loved every “moment” of/in it.

An Autumn Styled Bar Cart

As stated above, I have started 2015 with a peace and a trust in what’s to come. That agitated, sometimes irritating feeling that I’m not doing enough has dissipated, and I’ve given myself over to a calm confidence.

I’ve got this AMAZING product idea that’s in the works, and I’ve lined up some design projects that I am SO SO excited about. I will not promise to post every day, or even every other day… but when I do post… I promise to make it authentic and worth your while.

Thank you to all who have continued to make this amazing journey possible… and to each and every one of you who I aim to work with this year… let’s make it a good one, shall we?