If you haven’t realized it yet… Palm Springs is on FIRE y’all (and I don’t just mean the temps). What with Modernism Week, Coachella, Stage Coach, and a gang of fabulous new hotels and airbnbs popping up all over the desert… there is absolutely NO excuse not to get your buns out there and take in the sights and the sun!  

… and that is exactly what I did several weeks ago during Modernism Week, with Kelly Golightly!

Kelly has become the unofficial “mayoress” of Palm Springs, and she and her hubby Fred Moser are now quite renowned for their gorgeous photography (which you can purchase here!) of the city’s homes and landscapes, like this amazing photo of “that pink door” above.

During Modernism Week, Kelly was chosen to design the “glam” cave for the Christopher Kennedy Compound Show House… and I couldn’t wait to see what she had done!

She NAILED it, of course… in true Kelly Golightly style!

… and how cute are these hats we “borrowed” from the room? We snagged them from the space and headed outside for an impromptu photo shoot… because LOOK AT THAT SCENERY (you can custom make your own hat here)!

Thank you Kelly and Fred for an amazing couple of days exploring all that was Modernism Week. My love affair for Palm Springs is definitely getting steamy…

You won’t mind if I invite myself over for a little poolside reunion, cocktail and cool down, will you?

Photos by Fred Moser