Back in June, Patrick and I were able to take a quick weekend getaway to one of my favorite cities… steamy, somewhat dark, always stylish New Orleans.

The last time we were there, it was also for a Summer wedding, when you are just forced to get sweaty with it, especially if you are participating in a Second Line (which you MUST).

We stayed at Maison De La Luz, the more distinctive and sophisticated sister property to the Ace Hotel (which is just across the street).

The property gives you access to the rooftop pool at the Ace, which is a HUGE bonus, especially in the warmer months.

It was designed in partnership with Studio Shamshiri, who I am huge fangirl of, and you can definitely see their colorful and eclectic influence throughout the hotel.

I even recognized some pottery sourced from Nickey Kehoe, maybe because NK is like my second home in Los Angeles 😉 .

I really loved the rooms, with their high ceilings and Parisian feel. Refined, yet quirky touches gave the space a unique, but restful aesthetic… the perfect combo for a hotel room, in my opinion.

I have a newfound obsession for carpet after walking across this marigold, minimally patterned beauty every night.

I’m literally ready to go balls to the wall-to-wall in my own bedroom now…. and I’m sourcing something similar PRONTO.

When the hubby and I visit NO, we give up on eating healthy and just enjoy the ride, which includes beignets, of course.

After our glorified doughnut, and a pre-party cocktail, we prepared for the Rehearsal Dinner.

When I travel somewhere humid, and I know I have an event to attend, I braid my hair so it stays somewhat sleek, until I take it out later for a crimped style.

It means a day or two without a wash, but it’s worth it!

The day of the wedding we went on our own cocktail crawl (Patrick and I don’t drink many cocktails at home, but there is something about this place (and the mixologists, and the heat) that make them go down just a little too easy!

I reached out to Sara Ruffin Costello, decorator, designer, writer, and preservationist of all things New Orleans, to give me some suggestions on where to eat, drink and peek my head into, and of course we had to begin at The Chloe, an uptown 19th Century mansion fashioned by Ms. Costello herself.

Dark and moody, and splashed with almost all of my favorite colors, this hotel is a GEM. I loved it so much, I want to rent the entire house out for my 50th next year!

I mean… COME. ON.

There was a pool party with a DJ going off in the back, and the whole vibe was just so cool and relaxed. We can’t wait to return and actually stay!

From there we headed to Shaya to grab some appetizers (and another drink), and it was out of this world. The cuisine was a mash up of Southern, Israeli, Middle Eastern and Greek, and just hit all of the right notes.

Hair down and wedding ready!

The gorgeous couple on the sprinkly streets…

… cheered on by the Second Line and observers on the sidewalks and balconies. As stated above, I hope everyone has the chance to be a part of this experience. You can’t HELP but to smile from ear to ear.

Back at the Maison De La Luz speak easy (Bar Marilou)…

the mood turned sexy, and guests celebrated, and danced until the space shut down.

The following day we hit the streets again to stuff our faces and take in more historical home eye candy.

This pink lady was my favorite.

We had dinner at San Lorenzo at the Hotel Saint Vincent (another one of Sara’s recommendations). It was a five star experience with drool-worthy design throughout the property.

New Orleans just gets me…

It really does.

Capricious and imperfect details abound…

As do snakes and reptiles.

Who wants to return next October with me and get a little spooky?