Whether you are headed back to school… or back to the beach (like me… we live in Los Angeles after all!)… I have found the most awesome, eco-friendly, food-safe lunch box around!

I had seen PlanetBox online, and I immediately wanted to test out the design! And the super fun part? Parker was able to pick out his magnets (they can also be customized with personal photos). He chose dinosaurs, of course, along with the dino/camo version of the Carry Bag.

We packed up the PlanetBox with some of our favorite snacks, hit up our favorite spot, the Annenberg Beach House, and put this bad boy to the test!

What I honestly love most about this product… is that it is BPA, phthalate, and lead-free, so you KNOW your food is safe. There is also no trash to be had, and this design is built to last (5 year warranty!). Can you say “planet friendly”?

This guy was satisfied!

Available accessories include cold kits, dipper containers, dividing cups, water bottles, and utensils…

Avery ate her hummus sans chips… straight from the dipper as she likes to do…

And I got the leftovers… which is always true.

Something I didn’t realize before researching further… the compartments are very well thought out to help you with serving size (you can’t overpack) and to inspire you to get creative with the variety of foods you are choosing. If it looks like you are lacking in a food group… you probably are! How cool is that?

The size shown here is the Launch, and comes with the tall dipper. The lunch boxes come in two other sizes (for the littler ones in your family too).

Post beach… this baby cleaned up in a snap… sand and all.

Now if I could only get Avery to stop swiping and hiding the magnets.