Recently I had the SWEETEST opportunity to attend an event celebrating bespoke dress maker Doloris Petunia at  what seems to be the de rigueur kid’s event space in Los Angeles… Au Fudge.

Doloris Petunia not only makes special occasion dresses, she handcrafts jewelry and accessories too! How amazing are these sun hats… I need a Surfer Girl version for me!

…But the dresses stole the show… because they were SHOWSTOPPING.

… and these cutie pies were lucky enough to “design” a version of their own!

They were allowed to pick a dress as a prototype, choose a fabric, add embellishments… I mean, COME. ON. How cool?

This is Avery’s new “smile” face… which is just amazing… ha!

Her “pick” is in this bunch. She went straight for it, and it didn’t surprise me at all. Any guesses?

I think I’D go for this one… the feather detail is ON POINT.

Thank you Doloris Petunia and Au Fudge for a really lovely morning… I can’t wait for Avery to model her beautiful new dress… most likely for her 3rd birthday!

In the meantime, we’ll keep celebrating summer 😉 …