Happy New Year everyone! I am finally off and running after the kiddos’ THREE WEEKS of holiday break!

I have been working like a maniac since school started… and it feels SO GOOD!

I’ll have some beautiful new design content coming soon… but in the meantime, I want to share what we were up to with all of that time on our hands (are there any other parents out there who would rather have that extra week put back into summer vacation?).

I had heard about Getaway House through… you guessed it… Instagram.

I am a sucker for anything that looks like a “glamping” situation (we do Big Sur every Christmas), and these cozy little trailer/cabins looked like perfection.

Our “Getaway” was based in Big Bear, CA. They also have locations in Atlanta, Boston, Dallas, New York, Pittsburgh, Portland and Washington D.C., with the goal of getting you out of the big city and into some nature nearby (within a two hour drive).

This was the view from where we stayed… mountains, trees, snow, and ridiculously gorgeous sunsets!

It was wintery magic for these LA babies!

We made it a mom’s trip (three moms, seven kids), and met on the mountain, with a ski and snowboarding trip to Big Bear Mountain Resort planned for the following day.

The cabins are TINY (120-200 square feet)… but they are stocked with everything you need. This is the version with two queen beds.

The kitchen has a stove top, refrigerator, sink, and all of the utensils and serve wear provided. There are also snacks for purchase (if you forget something, or don’t feel like bringing your own s’mores kits).

There is also a bathroom with a shower for those of you who don’t want to pee in the woods.

We really enjoyed our time here. It was so cozy at night, and we slept with the shades up so we could stare outside and feel even more like we were camping.

The only bummer was that the San Bernardino Mountains have a fire ban… so we couldn’t use our outdoor fire pits (which put the kibosh on s’mores, and forced us to go to bed early).

My cabin’s water pressure was pretty bad, so I couldn’t take a shower, but the other mamas didn’t have this issue.

Customer service was fantastic, though! Caretakers were immediately available through text, and because there was construction happening on the property, Getaway gave us a partial refund and a free night to book for our next adventure!

After our first night’s stay… we woke up early and drove to Snow Summit, where the boys took snowboarding lessons and the girls went tubing.

We ate in town and drove back to Getaway for hot chocolate and an early slumber (we were exhausted!).

Thursday morning I woke up and took a solo trip back to Big Bear Resort and put Avery and Parker into the Adventure Academy…

… while I froze my tush off snowboarding solo.

The kids were hooked… and they can’t wait to go back.

It was such an easy drive, that I can’t wait to go back too.

I can see it being LOVELY in the spring… and the lake has a ton of summer activities to take advantage of.

Getaway House… we will see you again soon!