OMG… where do I begin? As you know… I high-tailed it out of Boston this past weekend to meet up with my LA gang of girls (best girlfriends EVER!), to celebrate my birthday (see how I feel about turning 40 here), and to find out the sex of baby #2 (if you follow my Instagram and Facebook, you know the answer… but there will obvi be a post about it in the next few days).

We had a gorgeous dinner our first night out, but unfortunately we didn’t grab many pics. I might have to re-create my outfit in a separate style post, though, … cuz it actually might have been my fave of the entire weekend.

I’m not going to get too sappy or sentimental on these photo journals (I feel like I’ve already done that)… I’m just going to let the amazing pics do the talking! It goes WITHOUT saying though, that I couldn’t be more grateful and that this was hands down my best birthday ever! If this is how 40 feels… I’ll take it :)!

Saturday started with a gorgeous old school tea party at The Lowell hotel, followed by a stroll to Central Park in stilettos… cuz that’s how we do.


Photo Credits: Jessie Friedman (and a few by me). 

Beautiful door… MUST stop.

No one will notice if I nab that knob, no?

Lovers + Friends blazer, Eau Yeah tee by Zoe Karrsen, J. Crew necklace (no longer avail… similar here) and clutch (no longer avail… similar here).

The Lowell… Gorgeous ‘Ol Gal.


So Fancy…

Me on my birthday throne…



So many smiles this weekend…

I heart you… x3

We thought we were done… Oh NO… scones and cream AFTER THIS…

Forget fancy… we are SO edgy…


Hello… I live here.

Citizens Of Humanity coated maternity jeans

My sunshine (s)…




Arrest me officer!

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