We are BACK people… and I am in FULL “re-entry” mode from our grand adventure (a little overwhelmed, feeling a little out-of-place… but with an open heart and the motivation to rediscover my own city again!).

Without getting too “The Secret” on you… I SWEAR to the powers that be, that my husband and I MADE this trip happen on our wishes and dreams. I, for one, have always wanted to live in New York City. I have had a love affair with this place since first visiting as a child, then developed grand schemes of living and working in the Big Apple in my twenties, probably in publishing… Sex and The City style, like most other twenty-somethings at some point have desired.

Life, of course, led me to Los Angeles, where I have been for over twenty years now… but the city that never sleeps has had an undeniable pull on me for my entire life.

Cut to October… and my hubby finds out we are headed to NY for business… for TWO months!

Bucket list item #6? CHECK!

New York in the fall? I couldn’t leave quickly enough (it was 90 degrees in LA the day we left)!

… and I couldn’t wait to bring the kids!

I moved around so much as a child, that I truly believe it gave me a wandering soul, which comes with the need to change environments every so often to gain inspiration.

I was excited to instill this sense of adventure and “go with the flow” attitude in my two littles, and with Parker not yet in Kindergarten, it couldn’t have been a more opportune time.

… plus I couldn’t wait to dress them up in adorable fall/winter outfits (see here and here).

Whenever I have stayed in New York previously, I have usually parked my butt in Midtown. This time around, we would be staying downtown in the financial district.

I was a little bit disappointed… at FIRST (I thought Tribeca or the West Village would be more my speed)… but each successive day we were there, the more in love I became with the area… especially since we had Parker and Avery along for the ride.

South Street Seaport is a gem, filled with piers and parks and family activities all around.

Our favorite outdoor play area was the Imagination Playground. Without any real structures to play on… it challenged the littles to use their minds with huge blocks, a sand pit, and one slide. My kiddos were miraculously entertained!

On the weekends, because the financial district is not as touristy, we were able to hit the streets without feeling like we would be run over by throngs of people, and it was actually very relaxing to let our five year old walk the sidewalks without fear of being swept away.

And how delicious is this street?

Downtown is full of history, grand old buildings and alleyways like the above.

We quickly began to fall in love.

If we desired to be in the “thick of things”… it was only a short subway ride away.

Battery Park and nearby Battery Park City offered up even more outdoor spaces, this AMAZING “sea” carousel, historical sites and a running path that I tried to take advantage of almost every day…

… because this was my view (with Lady Liberty in the distance).

Oh… and this. I mean… for real?

In addition… there was a Soul Cycle, Pure Barre and Dean & DeLuca is opening in 2016. Downtown is definitely on the up-and-up!

The weather from October through December was pretty much perfection. We only needed hats and scarves maybe six days out of the eight weeks we were there… but it was cold enough for cozy sweaters and lovely coats (my FAVE).

Soon after I arrived, I was able to meet up with my E-Deesign client, Lindsay, to check out her amazing West Village apartment in person. This is just one preview pic, so you have an idea of the space. I’m super excited to let you know that the apartment has been professionally shot and will be published next month, so the sneak peeks are all you get for now!

Lindsay was an absolute dream client to work with… and she also became my West Village brunch bestie.

Every “site visit”/photo shoot prep was accompanied by drinks and croissants… naturally.

Buvette was one of my fave spots… hands down some of the best eggs I’ve ever eaten (yes… eggs can be THAT special).

… and now I know why “winter layers” are your best friend. Word.

While up in “The Village” or even further up on the West Side… “door porn” was aplenty. I could do an ENTIRE post on my love affair with doors…  and I have sworn to make No. 13 mine someday!

How bout them knockers?

Of course we had to hit up some of the more touristy spots… the trip wouldn’t have felt complete without a ride to the top of the Empire State Building 

… and the American Museum of Natural History was also a must see.

Parker was my subway buddy throughout the trip. Daddy… an LA native… just couldn’t get on board 😉 .

I, on the other hand, looked for any excuse to ride towards our next adventure, underneath the city… a part of that deep energy flow, surrounded by a mass of people and the hopes and dreams that carried us all along.

More deep thoughts (including random city observations, and why I am now a fan of “small space” living) in Part Deux… coming at you this weekend!

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