For the first time in YEARS… I just couldn’t squeeze in a family photo shoot before Christmas.

… but I couldn’t let the year go by without any family photos.

Luckily for me, I happened to catch Max Wanger on Instagram… the second time he announced his Pop-Up photo session at Platform in Culver City.

So for twenty minutes on a Sunday, we hung out with Max and his wife Margaux, grabbed a few props, and had some fun in front of the camera.

Max and Margaux seem to think our kids are angels, because they always behave so well in front of them (HA!). I mean they are, but…

… they’re usually not this lovey dovey!

A perk of the pop up is that Max & Margaux pick the ten best shots, edit them, and have them to you in a few days…

… so although these won’t be out for Christmas…

… they will make a SWELL New Year’s card 🙂 .

Happy 2017 my luvs! Cheers to a new year, a new home (in our case), and new adventures!

Now if I could only get all of my amazing family photos (examples here, here, here, and here) printed out and up on our walls!