Happy Holidays everyone!

I’ve been burning the midnight oil over here, finishing up client projects and planning new ones for the new year!

… and just like last year, I totally procrastinated on a holiday shoot (how do people get these done two months ahead of time?).

So it was Max Wanger to the rescue again, with his holiday pop up sessions!

We did one last year… and the photos were AMAZING.

It’s crazy how much the kids have changed in one year… and I love how Max switched up the color palette for this round…

There are also a few things I’ve learned as we’ve made our way through these shoots… and I want to share them with you…

Take a peek below and I’ll let you in on some tips!

Candid shots, and photos “in motion” tend to give you the best results.

We also take a few “posed” group photos, but they are never my favorite… and usually don’t make the holiday card.

This photo above was one of my most loved, but it was a tough choice between this one and one of the selections below… I’ll explain in a moment!

Obviously a super cute photo… but it didn’t make the cut either!

This one did… and I’ll tell you why!

The shot is close up… and I love the natural expression!

Parker wanted to recreate his “hug” from last year, and I hope it becomes a tradition, because it melts my heart every time.

This one will go up on our photo wall for sure.

Although I loved last year’s card, I had multiple friends tell me that because I included so many photos (I couldn’t edit them down I loved them so much!), they couldn’t see how beautiful they were individually.

So this is another tip… although there might be multiple favorites… choose less… and the impact is GREATER.

This is the second photo I picked.

Yes… it is a bit more posed… but it very much speaks to who Parker is.

Tip 3: If the photo captures the essence of the subject… USE IT.

Cute… but “You’re OUT”.

I actually adore this photo, but I obviously couldn’t put him in the card without showing his face.

Love the semi-awkwardness happening here…

… and again…

Very sweet, but “meh”.

For our third shot… (Yes… I edited the card to just three this year, and so far the reviews have been stellar 😉 )…

I took the photo above, but edited it to be the close up below…

Less “meh”… more MUAH!

Thanks again Max for making these pop ups so painless (twenty minutes and you’re out of there… perfect for hubbies who dread photo shoots).

… and a very merry holiday to all!

I’ll see you in the new year with that closet makeover I teased a while back, and a post about how Murphy Deesign is going to grow in 2018!


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