You guys! I have been sitting on these photos for quite some time… but I get to show you now… and I am OVER THE MOON EXCITED!

Over the moon not only because it’s so much fun to finally show you the next space in my home (my bedroom is featured here)… but also because I was able to work with one of my favorite brands of all time… ANTHROPOLOGIE!

The  Gleaming Primrose mirror you see on that wall? You’ve seen it around for good reason! It TRULY looks vintage… like it could be straight out of a Paris apartment (which is kind of what my house feels like). It is ALWAYS one of the first items guests ask about when they enter this room!

Paired with the other vintage pieces underneath it… it is perfection!

The vintage console is from Midcentury LA, and that crazy vintage geometric Italian ceramic table lamp is from my friend Jason at American Garage (my “go-to” for when I”m looking for something unique and funky… remember this chair from the ORC?)!

This is the first photo I ever took of our home… before we bought it. Those french doors had me at FRENCH DOORS, and I always knew I wanted the dining room to be a little “fancy pants”… but still warm and inviting because it would be where my family would eat every meal!

Here is a great “after” shot… although the art over that floating console has changed 100 times!

There were three things I just knew I wanted to happen in this room…

1. I KNEW I wanted wallpaper (because I would keep the living room somewhat neutral). I also knew I wanted birds (because I have a slight obsession… see here). This exact pattern is out of print now (insert CRYING emoji… because so many of my clients and friends have asked for it!), but here are a few more of my favorite Anthropologie papers that I would use in a heartbeat… here, here (OBSESSED), and here!)

2. I wanted LARGE SCALE art in black and white, to match the weight of the Anthropologie mirror, and to make a statement without competing with my birds!

I first saw work from Carly, of the Cartorialist, when she commissioned work for Sarah Sherman Samuel for her room at the Modernism Week show house that I was also a part of. It was love at first site, and I knew I wanted some pieces of my own. They are called His and Hers.

During that same show house exhibition, I had used photography from Nicole Cohen… and a quick scroll through her beautiful work led me to the this ocean piece called Silver. If you know me… you know how much I love the ocean (I’m a surfer), and I need to have reminders of the water around me in pretty much every room!

3. I craved a dash of pink in this room, and I was pretty confident I would get this dose of color in my curtains.  DecorView nailed it.

With all of this whimsy and pattern and fun (Oh my!)… I decided to keep a few of the statement pieces a bit more easy on the eyes…

Glass and lucite are minimal, but very stylish ways to achieve this goal.

This chandelier is so DRAMA, but she allows others to “sit with her”, especially since it’s a dining room 😉 .

… and this console from Anthropologie? Classic… cool… and will legit fit any aesthetic you’re working with.

This vintage still life is the only colorful piece of art in the room, but man-oh-man is it sweet in this little spot.

I scored it from the Chairish booth at the Brimfield Antique Show.

The vintage bar cart is from another one of my Los Angeles vintage fave babes… 45 Three Modern Vintage Home. You will see a LOT more from her when you eventually get the full house tour!

The table is from France & Son, and the chairs are from H.D. Buttercup (Organic Modernism).

Placemats, napkins, plates, glasses, and pitcher are all from Nickey Kehoe!

I bought the rugs from an estate sale by Pop Up Home.

This room is honestly SO much fun… and we spend HOURS here as a family… eating… working… playing!

And it’s legit one of the rooms that I haven’t changed at all since it was finished. I’m just that damn happy with it (and as a designer… in your own home… that’s a tough thing to achieve!).

Similar to the rest of the house… this room is probably a 50/50 split between vintage and new purchases, and I will say it time and time again… you NEED some old soul in your home to make it feel lived in and collected and unique!

… and speaking of time… please… PLEASE… give your home the “gift” of time and space to become what it needs to be.

Don’t fall for “fast food” design. There is no rush! It has taken me two years to work on this home and I am still not finished… although I am close!

A full tour is on the horizon 😉 …

Thank you Anthropologie for the stunning pieces… and to my luv Zeke Rueles for the always gorgeous photography!