We’re back in the bedroom people! Because I like to be there. AND it’s a REALLY easy space to update for spring… especially if you have some great new sheets and bedding!

I had never tried linen before, so I wanted to see what all of the “fuss” was about (and I had also been jonesing to get my hands on the most perfectly pink sheets I could find).

Lucky for me, Loomstead wanted to partner up and give me the bedroom of my spring dreams… so I “pared down”, went a bit more minimal and clean, and added pops of color around the room to give it a touch more brightness for the warmer days arriving oh-so-soon!

How subtle are these blush linens you guys? They are so subtle that any pink-fearing male (or female) will “ooh” and “ahhh” over their neutrality!

I mean… SO pretty.

Here’s my “before”… a cooler, VERY black and white vibe (for more of this story, click here)…

… and here we are now, (stripped of the decorative pillows), with the new pillows, sheets, white linen duvet, pops of color in the flowers, and a borrowed dog for added warmth.

Just kidding… that’s my girl Coco who wanted some camera time.

The changes are subtle, but they are impactful (I even added my peach hat back to the wall for a pop).

Want to see some more?

I switched out artwork for more vibrancy…

… and moved this moody guy down the hall to the living room.

I replaced the previous gold nesting dishes with this rainbow glass ashtray (rainbows for Spring? Groundbreaking!).

And for added DRAMA…

I coerced the plants in my courtyard to bloom…

Loomstead… you make this girl blush… (and that’s pretty hard to do). Thank you for your supreme softness and springtime airiness!

And for those of you who would rather not kick your decorative pillows to the curb… this shot’s for you 🙂 . You can find both the white and pink ones at Target (here (similar), and here).

Rug is from Lulu & Georgia. Sconces are Cedar & Moss. Nightstands are Williams-Sonoma Home. Window treatments are DecorView. Chandelier is from Lumens.

Photography is by the amazing Zeke Rueles (with two previous shots by the equally amazing Monica Wang).

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