After an amazing seven days spent roaming around ALL of Tamarindo, Costa Rica and its nearby beaches (Playa Grande, Playa Avellanas, Playa Concha, Playa Brasalito)… and after five sensational days at Spanish Immersion Camp… we decided to take the advice of our dear friends John and Erynn of Landed Travel (the most thoughtful and talented travel experience engineers I know… with a speciality in designing trips to South America)… and to head up into the hills to the dry forest.

About and hour and fifteen minutes from the Liberia airport, Rio Perdido is a 600 acre private reserve that feels like a tree house plopped into the middle of nowhere (which is what makes it feel so special).

This is the main lobby and dining area… where we were visited by howler monkeys while we ate 🙂 (you can see that in my Instagram story highlights!).

Rio Perdido means “Lost River” in Spanish… and this special spot happens to be a naturally occurring thermal river which means it feels like really warm bath water!

There are troughs of volcanic mud (said to have healing properties), set next to various locations along the hiking path… and you are encouraged to get your “spa” on…

… which of course we did!

Even the hike along the river is just GORGEOUS, and you can take it to where the source of the hot spring originates!

The rooms in this resort are actually separate bungalows spread out through the forest…

… with floor to ceiling windows along the backside.

… but the outdoor shower was my favorite part!

There are hiking and biking trails for MILES…

… one of which we took to an incredible overlook point (that white spot in the center of the trees is the top of the main lodge!).

Or you can just chill by one of the three pools and eat and drink…

(Rambutan… our new fave!)

We couldn’t leave Rio Perdido without experiencing their ropes and zip line course (rated one of the best in Costa Rica by John Erynn)…

… and it’s safe to say we ALL had a blast!

Avery tackled the first lines attached to one of our guides, but by the end she wanted to go solo!

I was actually more impressed that she climbed these platforms (tethered to ropes of course, but they were really high and nerve-wracking!).

Parker… well he is just an adrenaline junkie like me 🙂 .

There is also a tubing excursion through the gorge, but my kiddos weren’t quite big enough for the tubes. We will have to try that out next time!

After a week along the coast… Rio Perdido was the perfect destination to finish out our Costa Rica vacation.

The climate was a bit cooler, we were able to explore a forest (vs. beach), we saw new critters, and played in (and OVER) rivers.

If you are looking for a sacred, one-of-a-kind experience (with some stellar design)… put Rio Perdido in your itinerary STAT!