After our gorgeous tea party on Saturday afternoon… and a walk around Central Park… my party peeps and I geared up for my big birthday dinner and the baby gender reveal at L’Artusi in the West Village.

It takes A LOT for me to say this… I’m comparing it to meals I’ve had all over the world… this meal, in terms of deliciousness, is ranked in the top ten meals list, OF MY LIFE! It was THAT good! Every morsel of food was so insanely tasty! The only drawback? By the time the last course came around, we had all overstuffed ourselves (but if you know my crew, it didn’t matter… we found some room ;)). Bravo L’Artusi… I will recommend you to anyone looking for an amazing culinary experience!

They were also kind enough to create my birthday cake for me… something else we had to save room for! The gender reveal cake was so much fun for everyone (except for maybe Natalie who had to keep the baby’s sex a secret despite some serious poking and prodding from each of us). And how special for Patrick and I… to share this news with our family of friends (and my parents on Face Time). I wouldn’t change a thing… I get all “glowy” inside just thinking about it!

Here are some pics and a video. I wish I had more… but the last thing I wanted was for my friends to be documenting the entire evening rather than enjoying and being in the moment.

Thanks again to everyone who made this night so special… I love you so much!


Enjoy the ambience, love and life long friends… and enjoy the food, cuz it was INCREDIBLE!!!

Just look at this gorgeous room!

… only slightly disappointing in that I couldn’t take advantage of all that wine ;).

Me and Natalie, AKA “the vault”… this poor woman had to keep “the secret” for months!

Silliness and belly laughs…

… and pose.

Our 6’9″ (!) waiter… who I believe some of the ladies were crushin on…


Cutting the cake. Look at the hubby’s face… is that anticipation or fear?


And it’s PINK!!!

A Girl!!!

Not the best quality video… but happy we caught it anyhoo. Take a bite out of that cake my love!

Post seven course meal? Baby bumpin clubbin at No 8… I think my twerkin made some peeps (including my hubby) uncomfortable ;). When in NY!!!

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