Every winter, Palm Springs becomes destination central for sun, fun and a HUGE dose of design when it plays host to over 78,000 people during Modernism Week!

This year, I have been chosen as one of the 20 tastemakers/designers for one of the premier events during the celebration… The Christopher Kennedy Compound Show House, which is now considered one of the two most important Showcase Houses in the country!

Here I am in 2016 with Kelly Lee (Kelly GoLightly), who just HAPPENS to OWN the house we will be working on, which makes me so happy because she is a wonderful friend of mine!

… and here is the rest of the lineup (what a fun looking crew, huh?)!


C’mon! You can’t resist these views!

Come celebrate with us from February 16-26, enjoy this amazing community, and help raise approximately $100,000 for architectural preservation, education and neighborhoods in Palm Springs!

Presented by Traditional Home and California Home + Design magazines, it’s the #1 event to see at Modernism Week… Get your tickets here!

And that sneak peek? It’s up in the header and it’s all you get for now 😉 .

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