When Lulu and Georgia reached out to me to curate a selection of my favorite pieces, I couldn’t wait to get started!

A curated collection is a peek into a designer’s mind, and if you love to mix and match like I do… this is a great place to begin. A starter’s kit, so to speak.

Here are my designer picks, why I like them, with the direct links below… now go forth and design BOLDLY!

1. Pentwater Round Side Table: I bought this table in black for a client, and I love the size and weight of it in a room, along with the cutouts that give it visual interest.

2. Yves Klein Book: Yves Klein Blue is one of my favorite colors, and here it is on a BOOK. This reminds me… I need to do another coffee table book roundup!

3. Easton Accent Chair: The curves on this chair will soften any angles in a room.

4. Hawkins New York Cocktail Napkins, Mustard: Beautiful Fringy Texture and everyone needs mustard in their home.

5. Grace Coddington Book: She’s quirky and fun, like my design, and I love her! Also… great colors to pop into your collection.

6. Sydney Dining Chair: This feels like an updated version of my vintage dining chairs, with similar lines. It is a way to get the look, without scouring the web for the originals.

7. Brisa Burl Wood Coffee Table: I put a burl wood piece in every project. ALWAYS.

8. Gareth Rug: Two places I love to add a modern touch (in an otherwise vintage, eclectic space)? Lighting and floors. Love this rug.

9. Irregular Checkerboard Rug: This rug is an update on a classic checkerboard and I would literally drop it into almost ANY space.

10. Tinashe Bowl: This bowl is new, but looks vintage. Love the colors and curves.

11. Persimmon Birds Wallpaper: This wallpaper reminds me of a still life painting, AND it is grasscloth so it adds texture.

12. Still Life with Apples and a Pot of Primroses: THE COLORS (and you can get it framed).

13. Wooden Georgian Candles: Whimsical shapes in multiple sizes are perfect for any table.

14. Rhys Pendant Light: See number 8 đŸ˜‰ .

15. Shaka Accent Chair: This design is based on one of my all time favorite vintage pieces. Every home needs some caning, or a thickly textured woven material for layering.

16. Vadala Long Lumbar Pillow: Love the beautiful mellow blush color on this lumbar. Use pink as a neutral.

17. Rashida Wall Art: I normally don’t go neutral on art… but when I do… I go REALLY neutral.

18. Noelle Geometric Vase: This is weird and textural and I love it.

19. Loukas Vase: I like the funky little finger holes at the top and the softness of the glaze.

20. Clarabelle Stool: Also based on a vintage piece, they have adapted this model for indoor/outdoor use.

21. Semira Wallpaper: This is your baby step into color and texture. Classic navy grasscloth for the win!

22. Manila Dining Chair: I tried these out for the first time with a client this year and I absolutely dig them. Very architectural and fun with a rectangular table.

23. Kohl Coffee Table: Marble plinth coffee tables have been around for a long time and for good reason. They fit in multiple aesthetics and WERK.

24. Harriette Jute Rug: My “go to” layering rug.

25. Tulca Mirror: Similar to the Anthropolgie best seller, this vintage inspired mirror is a no brainer.

26. Sari Vintage Rug: If you want a neutral, vintage rug, this is it. Add color on top and rock and roll.

27. Vineet Vintage Rug: Beautiful, soft color way.

28. Black Wave Bowl: Black is dramatic. Add it in!

29. Zikaria Vintage Moroccan Rug: Another great vintage, neutral moroccan.

30. Clouded Coffee Table: A beautiful table from the brilliant mind of Sarah Sherman Samuel. Ordered it for a client. It’s perfect.

31. Justine Vase: This would be gorgeous on any shelf. Adore the handles!

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