I’ve never done an Instagram Top 9 roundup before… but I thought I would do a little dive into 2018 to see what it is that… YOU… the PEOPLE… like to see most (and my thoughts on why)!

Number 9

Black, grey, and moody made a BIG come back this year (in my opinion), and I am over here (in my black bedroom that you loved so much)… doing a happy dance!

Number 8

These stairs are from my client Kelly’s house (which makes an appearance two more times in this countdown!). This is a not so clear photo from my iPhone that I took of the vintage stair runner install and railing refresh… and although I don’t usually like to preview projects before I shoot professionally… this obviously didn’t matter to most of you, because you went NUTSO for it!

Number 7

Did I mention maximalism? Because I’ve been ALL about it… and every trend report says it’s making its way back into design (although it never really left). Here we have my One Room Challenge bunk project… and on Instagram I was feeling ALL of the love! This project ended up on Yahoo Finance, though, and I had to stop reading the comments, because some people just did NOT GET IT.

Remember… when you are a creative and you put yourself out there and take risks… you will always receive some criticism. Do NOT let this deter you… (and just stop reading the negative feedback… unless it is truly constructive).

Number 6

At number 6, Client Kelly’s house is back… and a huge hit… because this photo is one of THREE that made the top nine! It also informs me that you love wallpaper, and color, and BIRDS (see maximalism note above) as much as I do 🙂 .

Number 5

Another case in point (although sans birds)! This is not my favorite photo of my entry, or this wallpaper (it’s another mediocre iPhone snap) … but it sure gets me excited to show you guys what’s coming up when I do a FULL reveal of my house!

Number 4

This guy slipped into the top of the lineup last minute… which I love because it is one of my family’s most favorite places in the entire world! You can read ALL about it here! I even had a few of you book a trip because of this gram!

Number 3

You loved Kelly’s bathroom so much… the second view garnered even more hearts. You can see the rest of the tiny but mighty space here!

Number 2

Number 2 came as a complete surprise to me, but makes sense when you look at the rest of the photos in this post! Color… CHECK! Pattern… CHECK! Statement lighting… CHECK! I took this photo during Modernism Week on a tour with Hunter Douglas. You can read about my adventures here!

Number 1

For all of the hard work, love, passion, and support I received on this One Room Challenge project… THANK GOD this came in at number 1 (Ha!)!

Seriously, though… I appreciate all of your interaction, comments, likes, and questions… even more than you know!

I have some amazing projects to show you in 2019… and I can promise you that they will all contain color, and pattern, and WALLPAPER, and FUN design!

Happy New Year everyone… let’s DO this!